San Francisco 49ers Game-By-Game 2023 Schedule Prediction

Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers Game-By-Game 2023 Schedule Prediction


San Francisco 49ers Game-By-Game 2023 Schedule Prediction


Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers have reigned near the top of the league and have been especially dominant in the playoffs over the last four years. Outside of one dud year in 2020 where they faced a multitude of injuries, they have reached the conference championship in each of the other three years and made the Super Bowl in one of those years. Led by Kyle Shanahan, their coaching staff has been a key reason to their success. Paired with a solid defense and an offense that works in a perfect scheme, it seems like this needs to be their year to win a Super Bowl. The competition in the NFC is heating up, so how will the 49ers fair in the regular season?


9/10 @ Pittsburgh Steelers: Loss

The 49ers open up their season against the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is a bit of a trap game for the 49ers, as the Steelers have played up to their competition in their opening games. This is the type of game where we see Trey Lance begin to struggle in his 2023 debut. Everyone will end up being down on him under center for San Francisco yet again, but he’ll prove to be much more valuable the rest of the season. 


9/17 @ Los Angeles Rams: Win

This isn’t a game to think about. The 49ers own the Rams, it is just that simple. They have won their last eight meetings with them and I expect it to continue to capture their first win of the season. The Rams are in a struggling time stemming from selling year’s worth of picks for win now players. And will keep the struggle bus moving this season.


9/21 vs. New York Giants: Loss

In this week three matchup, I think this becomes another tough game for the 49ers. This will be a high scoring game where Saquon Barkley gets to face off against Christian McCaffrey and it will be electric. As for the outcome of this meeting, I see another tough game for the 49ers in their first home loss and a little bit of a rough start to the season. However, things will be picking up soon. 

10/1 vs. Arizona Cardinals: Win

The 49ers against the Cardinals has proven to be a solid matchup in each meeting. If Kyler Murray can take over with his legs, then I think the Cardinals can steal this one. However, this should be a game where the 49ers control throughout. A bounce back game would be imminent, and I think they win their first home game here. 


10/8 vs. Dallas Cowboys: Win

The 49ers have the Cowboys number after beating them twice in the playoffs in the last two years. I think we expect more of the same in this one. The defense needs to be the story in this one. In particular, the staunch front seven needs to step up and lock down the Cowboys run game. Breaking down the run game and forcing Dak Prescott to make mistakes is how they will come out on top here. 


10/15 @ Cleveland Browns: Win

This is going to be one of the most interesting matchups on this entire schedule. The Browns are strong from numerous different angles, and they match up with the 49ers very well. I think seeing Deshaun Watson going against Trey Lance will be really fun to watch, but I think the 49ers win this meeting. 


10/23 @ Minnesota Vikings: Win

The Vikings have a lot of potential, and I think we have a very high scoring game in this matchup, but defense will tell the story here. The Vikings can score plenty of points, but they also give up a lot of points. When it comes down to the key game time stops, I think the Vikings will have their hands full and the 49ers take this one. 


10/29 vs. Cincinnati Bengals: Win

Arguably the toughest team the 49ers will play is the Bengals. Defense will be non-existent just like the week before, and I expect both teams to score north of 30 points by the end of this game. The Shanahan scheme will be too much for the Bengals defense to handle, and this is the game they pull out all the stops to show everyone that they are for real. This will be the win that puts them back on everyone’s radar as a top contender. 


11/12 @ Jacksonville Jaguars: Win

The Jaguars will have their moments this season, and they could even return back to the playoffs, but this will be a game to forget for them. The 49ers will take their hot streak to hot and sunny Jacksonville, Florida and stomp them to the ground. 


11/19 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Win

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be a hard team to predict, but what we do know is Baker Mayfield, if he starts, will make countless mistakes. The 49ers offense will slow down a bit in this game, but they will still prove to be elite and grab the win fairly easily. 


11/23 @ Seattle Seahawks: Win

The NFC West division is heating up and the Seahawks have continued to prove that they can be a menace in the NFC. I think this is a tough game for Seattle to win as their run game is such a crucial part of their team. I think the 49ers run defense continues to be as dominant as they were last year, it would be tough for the Seahawks to win, so the 49ers take this one. 


12/3 @ Philadelphia Eagles: Win

The matchup we were all waiting for. The rematch of last season’s NFC conference championship is upon us, and we might see a different outcome this time. After a horrendous performance last time, where they lost 31-7, the 49ers will get their revenge. The Eagles have no holes, so this game will still be difficult, but if anyone is good at getting revenge on their opponents, it is the 49ers. The Trey Lance vs. Jalen Hurts matchup will come with a plethora of mind-blowing moments and memorable plays. I think at the very least this game will end up being very close compared to their last meeting, but I have the 49ers coming out on top. 


12/10 vs. Seattle Seahawks: Win

Just like their last matchup, I’m not sure what Seattle can do here to get past San Francisco. They did upgrade their defense, which will help a little bit, but I think the 49ers complete the sweep and extend their win streak to 10 games. 


12/17 @ Arizona Cardinals: Loss

The Cardinals are a strong team that are definitely ready for a bounce back after losing their first meeting. I think they steal one after a really strong win streak by the 49ers. All good things must come to an end, and it will come against a division rival. 


12/25 vs. Baltimore Ravens: Win 

The 49ers face the Ravens, and I honestly don’t see this game being close. I think the Ravens are a promising team; however, they will be no match for the 49ers in this one. I see this game being close in the first half but see the 49ers pull away in the second half and put a nail in the Ravens’ coffin.


12/31 @ Washington Commanders: Win

The Commanders and the 49ers matchup very well, and this late in the season is when we find the 49ers begin to slow down a bit as their entire focus relies on the playoffs ahead. However, if their starters are in, then I think the 49ers control them. 


1/7 vs. Los Angeles Rams: Loss

In the last game of the season, although the 49ers absolutely own the Rams, I think they leave out most of their starters, which will not fare well against the Rams despite their current struggle. Unless the Rams completely fall flat, the season ends on a loss, with their bench getting most of the reps.


Final Record Prediction: 13-4

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