New York Jets 2023 Record Prediction

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New York Jets 2023 Record Prediction


New York Jets 2023 Record Prediction


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The New York Jets finally have their quarterback. After a long and overdue trade, Aaron Rodgers will be starting his 2023 season as a New York Jet. The Jets team is young, but Robert Saleh has brought hope for this New York team. Will acquiring a future Hall of Famer be enough for the Jets to compete in a competitive conference and division? 

The New York Jets home and away home and away opponents are broken down to the following:



New England Patriots

Miami Dolphins

Buffalo Bills

Washington Commanders

Philadelphia Eagles

Atlanta Falcons

Los Angeles Chargers

Kansas City Chiefs

Houston Texans



New England Patriots

Miami Dolphins

Buffalo Bills

Dallas Cowboys

New York Giants

Denver Broncos

Cleveland Browns

Las Vegas Raiders

The New York Jets are in a division that is run by Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills. However, in 2022, the Jets defeated the Bills in November and gave Josh Allen a very rare poor performance with two interceptions. The Jets are getting better, meanwhile so are the Dolphins, and Patriots. With the Patriots though, the offense is underwhelming and with a rising defense for the Jets, I can definitely see the Jets managing to do the unthinkable and sweep the Patriots. There is the obvious factor that Bill Belichick does not like the New York Jets, and he’ll cook up whatever it is for Mac Jones and that offense to not allow a sweep. The Dolphins are growing stronger, and a healthy Tua Tagovailoa can make light work out of the Jets. The Jets are just an interesting team, and with the addition of Aaron Rodgers, they are now a threat. Yes, a threat, but can Aaron Rodgers really turn around this franchise? I truly believe he can try, but at the end of the day, other players will need to step up and make a difference as well. 

The NFC East is another division Aaron Rodgers is familiar with. I can see the Jets defeating the Commanders and Giants, however, even Rodgers alone can’t defeat the defenses the Cowboys and Eagles have. I can see the Jets going 2-2 against the NFC East, solely due to the Cowboys and Eagles defenses being much better than the Jets. This isn’t the same team Aaron Rodgers is used to in Green Bay, this is an entirely different team, new coaches, new schemes, everything. Even the best can be defeated, and in this case the Cowboys and Eagles defense could be too strong for the Jets young offense. 

The AFC West is part of the rotational divisions that the Jets will have to play. A division packed with talent and a matchup everybody has been waiting for a very long time. The State Farm Bowl. Patrick Mahomes against Aaron Rodgers. This matchup should have happened a long time ago in the Super Bowl, but I digress. The Chargers are a young, rising team that isn’t exactly there yet but could go in the right direction, but this game is home field advantage for the Jets, which is why I can see them escaping with a very close win. The Broncos and Raiders, to be quite honest, I truly believe the Jets should win both games, but you never know. I think the struggles could continue early on for Russell Wilson, and the Raiders are just so unpredictable that Rodgers single-handedly could probably defeat both teams. 

This leaves the Browns, Texans, and Falcons. Putting it simple, the Jets should win all three of these games. Last season Joe Flacco threw four touchdowns against the Browns, which he has always run circles around the Browns so no shock there. However, this is Aaron Rodgers under center now instead. While the Texans and Falcons are just too inexperienced, too young, and do not have an overall better roster than the Jets. The Browns could be another close one, but I do see the Jets winning this matchup as well. 

The Jets have a good future, they were in the right direction before Aaron Rodgers and now that they have him, the bar is set high. I actually can see this Jets team winning 10 games, going 10-7, completely flipping their 2022 record of 7-10. The future is extremely bright, and the Jets actually could slip into the playoffs if the dominoes fall correctly. 


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