Minnesota Vikings Game-By-Game 2023 Schedule Prediction

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Minnesota Vikings Game-By-Game 2023 Schedule Prediction


Minnesota Vikings Game-By-Game 2023 Schedule Prediction


The Minnesota Vikings were one of the most thrilling teams last year, with an abundance of close games. They have been rewarded for their excitement with five primetime games as it stands now this coming NFL season. The NFC is ripe for the taking, but a first place schedule stands in the way. Here are my predictions for the Vikings 2023-2024 season after the schedule release. 

9/10 vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Win

The Vikings open the season at home against a Buccaneers team that has a lot to get sorted out. Minnesota’s opponent is dealing with more changes, especially at the quarterback position, and so the continuity at home gives me more confidence in the Vikings to take a 21-13 win and 1-0 record. 

9/14 @ Philadelphia Eagles: Loss

On a short week, the Minnesota Vikings travel to Philadelphia to take on last year’s NFC champion Eagles. Road primetime games are hard in themselves, but against such a stout opponent is not doing the Vikings any favors. Minnesota loses on Thursday Night Football 17-24 to start the season 1-1. 

9/24 vs Los Angeles Chargers: Loss

Back at home, the Vikings take on a tough Chargers team with one of the best young quarterbacks in the game. I do not trust the Vikings’ poor defense to be able to handle an offense like the Chargers, and so I see Minnesota losing 23-27 and falling to 1-2.

10/1 @ Carolina Panthers: Win

The Vikings travel to Carolina to take on the Panthers to start October, to play a team transitioning in a lot of areas including at quarterback. There is a possibility the Vikings are playing a rookie quarterback, and I see Minnesota coming out with a 20-17 win to bring them back to .500. 

10/8 vs Kansas City Chiefs: Loss

This game may be played in Minnesota, but I do not foresee the Vikings being able to stay in a game with the Chiefs. The creative offense of Kansas City will be too much for them and they will fall to 2-3 after a 27-31 loss. 

10/15 @ Chicago Bears: Loss

Following a road trip to Kansas City, the Vikings bring their losing record to play another away game, this time in Chicago. The Bears are a fun team that I think will look better at home, so I have them splitting the series with Minnesota. The Bears shorten the game and hand Minnesota a 13-17 loss and 2-4 record.

10/23 vs San Francisco 49ers: Win

The Vikings at this point really need a bounce-back game, and have the chance at home in primetime. The advantage of a home primetime crowd assists Minnesota to a 20-17 win on Monday Night Football, as well as a 3-4 record.

10/29 @ Green Bay Packers: Loss

This will be a close game, but I have a hard time seeing the Vikings sweeping the Packers. Minnesota in this game are coming off a slightly shorter week and are on the road, so I edged out Green Bay in my decision. Jordan Love has a stellar game to drop the Vikings to 3-5 after handing them a 17-14 loss.

11/5 @ Atlanta Falcons: Win

The Falcons are going to pound the rock, and despite Minnesota’s defensive woes, it was not really due to run defense. The game is shortened but the Vikings do enough to get a 13-10 win on the road, bringing them to 4-5.

11/12 vs New Orleans Saints: Win

Minnesota is back at home coming off of a win, and keeps things alive beating New Orleans. The Saints are still trying to figure out life after Sean Payton and Drew Brees, and are not the team that Minnesota is. The Vikings win it 23-20 and bring themselves to a 5-5 record to even things out for the final stretch. 

11/19 @ Denver Broncos: Loss

A road primetime game on Sunday Night Football in one of the hardest places to travel due to elevation in Denver is not helping the Vikings here. Defensively I think the Broncos will be good, and can do enough to hand Minnesota a 17-14 loss and a 5-6 record. 

11/27 vs Chicago Bears: Win

This final part of the schedule is going to be important with where the Vikings find themselves, and will turn the tables on Monday Night Football. Going into their bye week a win is big, and the Vikings will sort out how to defend Justin Fields by this point and win 24-17 at home to bring themselves to a 6-6 record. 

12/10 @ Las Vegas Raiders: Win

Coming off their bye week, the Vikings bring themselves back to a winning record playing in Vegas. The rest and extra time to prep helps Minnesota take down Las Vegas, who is not imposing fear in any teams this year in my opinion. The Vikings win it 23-20 and bring themselves to 7-6.

12/17 @ Cincinnati Bengals: Loss

The winning record does not last long and the Vikings drop back down to .500. The Bengals are a much more complete team, and although the Vikings are an NFC playoff team, an AFC contender is a different tier. Minnesota loses 17-27 and falls to 7-7 after a rough game in Cincinnati.

12/24 vs Detroit Lions: Win

Back at home the Vikings need to get something done, as they have three division rivals to end the year and try to make the playoffs. The Vikings and Lions will be fun teams to watch, but the experience in Minnesota helps them to a 27-24 win in their first match and an 8-7 record.

12/31 vs Green Bay Packers: Win

Sticking at home in another important game, the Vikings right their wrongs from their last matchup and take down the Jordan Love led Packers. I think Minnesota will be more prepared this time around and win 20-17 and improve to 9-7.

1/7 @ Detroit Lions: Loss

Now on the road, the Vikings must take on a young Lions team in a game that could very well decide playoff spots. Playing in Detroit will be tough with the expectations for the Lions. Detroit has some fight in them as we saw at the end of last season, and Minnesota takes a 20-23 loss in the final week of the season.


2023 Vikings Record Prediction: 9-8


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