Las Vegas Raiders 2023 Record Prediction

Las Vegas Raiders 2023 Record Prediction


Las Vegas Raiders 2023 Record Prediction



The Las Vegas Raiders are in a competitive division. With a new quarterback, can the Raiders be successful? A head coach and a new quarterback who have history together could be the push the Raiders need to finally be competitive. Or could it be the ultimate demise and looking for the future in the next draft?

The Las Vegas Raiders 2023 schedule is broken down to the following: 


Week 1 at Denver Broncos – September 10 | 4:25 PM EST

Week 2 at Buffalo Bills – September 17 | 1:00 PM EST

Week 3 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (SNF) – September 24 | 8:20 PM EST

Week 4 at Los Angeles Chargers – October 1 | 4:05 PM EST

Week 5 vs. Green Bay Packers (MNF) – October 9 | 8:15 PM EST

Week 6 vs. New England Patriots – October 15 | 4:05 PM EST

Week 7 at Chicago Bears – October 22 | 1:00 PM EST

Week 8 at Detroit Lions (MNF) – October 30 | 8:15 PM EST

Week 9 vs. New York Giants – November 5 | 4:25 PM EST

Week 10 vs. New York Jets (SNF) – November 12 | 8:20 PM EST

Week 11 at Miami Dolphins – November 19 | 1:00 PM EST

Week 12 vs. Kansas City Chiefs – November 26 | 4:25 PM EST

Week 13 – BYE WEEK

Week 14 vs. Minnesota Vikings – December 10 | 4:05 PM EST

Week 15 vs. Los Angeles Chargers (TNF) – December 14 | 8:15 PM EST

Week 16 at Kansas City Chiefs (Christmas) – December 25 | 1:00 PM EST

Week 17 at Indianapolis Colts – December 31 | 1:00 PM EST

Week 18 vs. Denver Broncos – TBD

As part of the yearly divisional rotation, the Raiders will have to play the AFC East and NFC North. The Raiders are given five primetime games, not including the Christmas slate, meaning there will be eyes on the Raiders to succeed this season. The Raiders already have to start their season on the road and won’t get a home opener until week three on Sunday Night Football against a foe that they have history against. The Raiders kickoff at Denver, already against a division rival. Last year, the Raiders swept the Broncos and will do it again. However, starting off on the road could lead to a potential 0-2 start, something the Raiders can’t afford. Week two will be against the Buffalo Bills, where I see no chance the Raiders win, but they do have a solid defense. Starting 1-1 is the goal instead of 0-2. A home opener on Sunday Night Football against Pittsburgh should give the Raiders a good opportunity to show they can fight this season. The Steelers are still rebuilding around Kenny Pickett and I think the bright lights will be too much this early on for Pickett, Jimmy Garoppolo is used to these kinds of games while being on the 49ers, so he has useful experience to bring while playing during primetime. This will leave an interesting stretch for the Raiders once the home opener is over. 

Next up the Raiders will come to crash the Chargers party, face off against Jordan Love, and then Jimmy Garoppolo will be hosting old friends. The Chargers are strong on defense, and have an offense led by Justin Herbert. With Herbert attempting to grow under a new offensive coordinator, the Chargers will need to continue to be able to split against the Raiders. In 2022, the Raiders did split with the Chargers, and their loss to Los Angeles was an away game. So, I can see that happening again, as the Raiders 2022 defense gave up an average of 242.9 passing yards, meaning the Chargers offense averaged around 269.8 passing yards per game. I like the direction the Raiders are going after the NFL Draft, but if the defense can’t keep up with Herbert, it’ll be hard to win this game on the road. 

The Raiders then host the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football. Jordan Love playing in the bright lights in week five is a recipe for disaster. Jordan Love does not have nearly enough experience, and the Raiders defense could have quite the night. I like picking the Raiders in this matchup, especially since they have a more experienced quarterback and a tough defense against an inexperienced quarterback. The next matchup could get real interesting, especially after the crazy debacle the Patriots had last season. However, Josh McDaniels and Jimmy Garoppolo will be facing familiar faces. The Patriots can be run heavy and last season the Raiders defense averaged 122.8 rushing yards per game, meanwhile the Patriots only averaged 106.6 rushing yards on offense. This could leave room for a potential fight, but the Raiders did add Tyree Wilson to strengthen the defensive line for a reason. If the Raiders shut down the run early on, the Patriots will struggle because of the lack of explosive plays and playmakers in the passing game. 

Once the Raiders take care of business against New England, it’s back-to-back NFC North opponents and then back-to-back New York opponents. The Raiders face off on Monday Night Football against the Detroit Lions, a rising young team who have a lot to show. The Lions have the run game, they have a passing game, and they have a young, powerful defense. However, the Raiders have a solid defense, and with Michael Mayer and Davante Adams they have a passing game as well. Mayer will probably be the biggest steal for the Raiders, and giving Jimmy Garoppolo a good tight end will go well for the Raiders offense. I like this matchup a lot because it’s two teams with a lot of potential. 

However, before this great matchup, the Raiders face off against Chicago. Chicago is also a team with a lot of potential with Justin Fields, and I like the Bears offense a lot, but their run defense in 2022 was terrible. The Bears defense gave up more yards per game in the NFL, and if the Raiders potentially keep Josh Jacobs long term, then Jacobs will be having one heck of a day against Chicago. The Giants and Jets are next on the list before two strong opponents who will probably beat the Raiders. The Giants were a playoff team last season, and could still be, but I think the Raiders have the Giants beat on offense here with weapons and a better quarterback. The Jets on the other hand, have a veteran quarterback as well, have weapons as well, and a defense with lockdown potential. I like Sauce Gardner against Davante Adams as a matchup, and I think it’ll show how good Gardner is at the position. I like the Jets in this matchup, but it’ll be nice to see old friends again. This leaves the Dolphins and Chiefs before the bye week. 

The Chiefs and Dolphins have better teams overall. Patrick Mahomes has historically dominated the Raiders as well. The Dolphins defense is solid in both passing and rushing, and with newly acquired Jalen Ramsey, it’ll be interesting to see the matchups. The Chiefs will probably easily take this game based off Patrick Mahomes and that defense alone. After the bye week, the Raiders have the Vikings, Chargers, Chiefs, Colts, and Denver. 

The Vikings have an interesting team, but their offense is dependent on Justin Jefferson. The corners on the Raiders could be a weakness against a pass – heavy Vikings team. The Raiders have back to back “primetime” games against division foes, one at home against the Chargers which I see them winning due to home field advantage, but then on Christmas against the Chiefs, which unfortunately, could be a bad day for Raiders fans. The Colts have a star-studded rushing room with Anthony Richardson and Jonathan Taylor, they could both be tough to bring down but at the same time, Richardson is new to the NFL still this late in the season, he could start to get the hang of things. Closing off against Denver is great for the Raiders since I see them winning that matchup, but after four teams who could wear down the Raiders defense, I still believe in the Raiders’ offense against the Broncos defense. 

The Raiders have a lot to prove with a second year head coach and new quarterback. However, they have potential. Playoff potential? Maybe. I see this team going 9-8, a much better season than 6-11, but there is potential it could be lower. However, the Raiders could fight for that last seed in the playoffs if the dominoes fall in their favor as well. 


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