Houston Texans Game-By-Game 2023 Schedule Prediction

Alex Bierens de Haan/Getty Images

Houston Texans Game-By-Game 2023 Schedule Prediction


Houston Texans Game-By-Game 2023 Schedule Prediction


Alex Bierens de Haan/Getty Images

Week 1: Baltimore Ravens: Loss

Opening up the season on the road is going to be a tough NFL debut for CJ Stroud. I would be shocked to see this young team come out and compete heavily right off the bat. On top of the Texans’ struggles, the Ravens got better in the offseason. So I expect the Texans to start the season off with a loss.


Week 2: Indianapolis Colts: Win

Both teams brought in a new head coach, a new quarterback, and filled a lot of needed pieces. With this matchup, I feel that it is going to come down to the coaching and I have a lot of trust in DeMeco Ryans. This game will be close, but I have the Texans pulling off a close win.


Week 3: Jacksonville Jaguars: Loss

The Jaguars are going to be legitimate contenders this year and were already playing at a high level last year. With the addition of Calvin Ridley, I think this Jacksonville team is going to be too much for Houston to handle.


Week 4: Pittsburgh Steelers: Win

This game will be decided based on how well the Texans can handle TJ Watt. If they are able to decently contain him, they should have no problem pulling though in this one. Houston’s offense should be hot, and they will run through this Steelers defense.

Week 5: Atlanta Falcons: Win

A beyond weak Atlanta Falcons team will struggle to compete against any team this season. They spent their high draft pick on a running back without the depth to back the pick up. They simply are the worst team, and the Texans should walk away with their second straight win.


Week 6: New Orleans Saints: Loss

Derek Carr is going to be a lot better than people think, and I feel they won’t have a problem taking down this young Texans team. The Saints have a strong defense that can slow down the Texans offense and put it away. I see the Saints walking into Houston and stealing the win.


Week 8: Carolina Panthers: Win

The Panthers are an overall disappointing team. Outside of Bryce Young, the Panthers do not appear to have any real talent. Due to the lack of stars on the team, I see Houston picking up a win after the bye.


Week 9: Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Loss

The Buccaneers still have an impressive offense, and I would not be shocked if Baker Mayfield was able to manage it to a good season. With the talent on offense, I see the Buccaneers winning a big one in Houston.


Week 10: Cincinnati Bengals: Loss

I feel like this one goes without explanation. One of these teams is an active Super Bowl favorite and the other is still in the middle of a rebuild. The Texans cannot compete with the Bengals, and they will find themselves taking a second straight loss.


Week 11: Arizona Cardinals: Win

Only because I’m assuming Kyler Murray will still be out, I am going to give the Texans the win. Without a quarterback, Arizona is not going to be able to keep up and Houston is going to snap their losing streak.


Week 12: Jacksonville Jaguars: Loss

Unfortunately for Texans fans, the Jaguars will sweep you this season. They just are a far better team, and it will be that way for a couple more years. You have hope in the future, but for now, the Jaguars own you.


Week 13: Denver Broncos: Loss

With Sean Payton in town, the Broncos are going to have a big turn around this season. They already had one of the best defenses in the league, but with a good offense, they will be unstoppable. Yet another team Houston isn’t ready to compete with.


Week 14: New York Jets: Loss

Aaron Rodgers is in town, and he is going to lead one of the league’s best offenses. Houston’s low-level defense is not going to be able to contain the Jets, and they are going to take their third straight loss.


Week 15: Tennessee Titans: Loss

On the road against a divisional rival is always a hard game, and I have the Texans unable to contain Derrick Henry yet again. He has proven to be dominant against them in every performance, and I see the Titans handing the Texans their fourth straight loss.


Week 16: Cleveland Browns: Win

Deshaun Watson heads back to Houston and gives the Texans another win. The Browns will likely be an unsuccessful team next season, and the Texans will take advantage of them.


Week 17: Tennessee Titans: Win

This time in Houston, the Texans will take the win over the Titans and split the series. Outside of Derrick Henry, the Titans will be awful, and the Texans will find a way to take down “King” Henry and secure a win.


Week 18: Indianapolis Colts: Win

The Texans will sweep the Colts this season and finish the year out on a three game winning streak. The Texans will develop better than the Colts this season and that will give them the season finale win, securing an 8-9 season.


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