Green Bay Packers Game-By-Game 2023 Schedule Prediction


Green Bay Packers Game-By-Game 2023 Schedule Prediction


Green Bay Packers Game-By-Game 2023 Schedule Prediction


The Green Bay Packers will look a lot different this year, and it is difficult to predict without Aaron Rodgers or much film on their new quarterback Jordan Love. There may be more of a lean on their running game this year, which was a strength, and if Love can live up to his draft status and tools, the offense could be good. Here is my prediction for the Green Bay Packers in the 2023-2024 NFL season.

9/10 @ Chicago Bears: Loss

To start the season, the Packers are on the road in Chicago, starting a new quarterback in Jordan Love. The atmosphere may be a lot for a new and young quarterback to handle, and so the Bears hand the Packers a 17-10 loss, and Green Bay starts the season 0-1.

9/17 @ Atlanta Falcons: Loss

The Packers offense is still looking to get things solidified in a game that may be short due to two focuses on the running game. The Falcons showed they can run the ball with a lot of success and I trust that running game more, and so I see the Packers losing 16-13 to be 0-2 after the first couple of weeks. 

9/24 vs New Orleans Saints: Loss

The Packers finally get their home opener, but the atmosphere is not as exciting after the 0-2 start. The Saints will have a more experienced quarterback, and as the Packers try to sort out life after Aaron Rodgers, New Orleans can take advantage. Green Bay loses this 20-17, but have their best offensive performance of the season. 

9/28 vs Detroit Lions: Win

Green Bay stays at home and has a primetime game in a short week. Divisional games are always weird, and road primetime games are hard, so I see the Packers getting their first win of the season here. It is week four, and by now the Packers are figuring things out and Jordan Love is hitting a groove, to help them to a 17-14 win and 1-3 record. 

10/9 @ Las Vegas Raiders: Win

The Packers get a mini break, as they are coming off of a Thursday Night Football game and now travel to Las Vegas to play on Monday Night Football of the following week of the schedule. The extra prep and rest time can go a long way, and after their prime time game last week Green Bay is used to the atmosphere. The Packers win it 21-17 and improve their record to 2-3. 

10/22 @ Denver Broncos: Win

Traveling to and playing in Denver is tough, but the Packers are coming off of a pair of wins and then the bye week. With time to prepare and get healthy, Green Bay wins it 17-13 and gets to .500. 

10/29 vs Minnesota Vikings: Win

Back at home against a familiar opponent, the Packers stack yet another win off of a hot streak from their young quarterback and good performance out of their defense. It is hard to see the Packers getting swept by the Vikings, and so in this matchup I have the Packers winning it 17-14 and improving to 4-3.

11/5 vs Los Angeles Rams: Win

The Packers are now looking to keep their winning record alive and are staying at home against a questionable Rams team. Los Angeles is also in a transition and the Packers are able to edge out a 21-20 win and now sit at 5-3. 

11/12 @ Pittsburgh Steelers: Loss

For a young quarterback and team in transition, the streak of wins may make them comfortable against a well coached Pittsburgh team on the road. The Steelers offense has questions but also pieces, but their defensive line and young talent will help them hand the Packers a 16-13 loss, so the Packers drop to 5-4. 

11/19 vs Los Angeles Chargers: Loss

This could be a fun game with the young quarterbacks, but we have seen it out of Justin Herbert and Jordan Love still has unknowns. Los Angeles overall is the better team, and so I see the Packers falling to 5-5 after a 27-17 loss. 

11/23 @ Detroit Lions: Loss

Coming off of a loss, the Packers have to travel to Detroit on a short week to play on Thanksgiving in a prime time like game. The Lions are a fun team and should have some stuff sorted out by the end of the season. Green Bay loses this game 21-26 and falls to 5-6. 

12/3 vs Kansas City Chiefs: Loss

The Packers do have a little extra rest after playing on Thursday the week before, and the advantage of a home prime time game, but the Kansas City Chiefs are overall the best team in the league. Green Bay cannot keep up with the consistency of Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs and take another loss this time 28-17 resulting in a 5-7 record.

12/11 @ New York Giants: Loss

The Packers have gone cold for a while and now go on the road to New York. I think that the Packers can get out coached and outplayed in this game on the road on prime time. The Giants hand a 5-8 record and 16-13 loss to the Packers.

12/17 vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Win

The Packers finally break through and snag another win at home against Tampa Bay. The Buccaneers are another team in a transition period that will likely have an inconsistent quarterback. The Packers win this game 21-17 and now have a 6-8 record. 

12/24 @ Carolina Panthers: Loss

Back on the road the Packers could be facing a rookie quarterback, on Christmas Eve. The Carolina Panthers are a bit underrated and I like the running game and coaching to back up their roster. The Packers take a 21-24 loss to the Panthers and go into Christmas with a 6-9 record.

12/31 @ Minnesota Vikings: Loss

The Packers have a lot of prime time games and this one is on Sunday Night Football in Minnesota. I keep stating road games on prime time are tougher, and it truly is due to the atmosphere. The Vikings overall will be a better team despite me thinking they will split the series, and so right before New Years the Packers lose 17-20 and drop to 6-10.

1/7 vs Chicago Bears: Loss

Being back at home the Packers do not have much to fight for in this final week, and I am a big Justin Fields fan. Fields hands the Packers one more loss, this one 24-17, to end their season at 6-11.


2023 Packers Record Prediction: 6-11


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