Five QBs Who Could Be Moved After 2023

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Five QBs Who Could Be Moved After 2023


Five QBs Who Could Be Moved After 2023


With some of our favorite quarterbacks getting older and starting to reach the point of replaceability, it might be time to talk about a few big names that could be moved on from if they don’t perform up to or exceed expectations this season. Some quarterbacks on this list are on here cause of age and some might just be past their prime and unable to play up to the level the team needs to compete.  

This year’s upcoming draft is headlined by Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams out of USC, whos already the favorite to be the first pick in next year’s draft. And with a few teams who have already been rebuilding and getting their quarterback of the future, like the Texans, Colts, and Panthers. One of these teams might be in the early running for the prospect.

1- Kirk Cousins

Cousins has consistently put up very good numbers year by year, he’s one of my favorite quarterbacks in fantasy football. That being said, he has consistently come up short when the team really needs him. I don’t think the Vikings should be in a huge rush to move on from Cousins, but with him turning 35 just before the season starts, the Vikings need to start thinking about the future of the quarterback position. Going back to Cousins not being able to win big, we all know his primetime record. Even if you’re putting up good numbers the way Cousins does. If you’re not able to win big in primetime games or playoff games, you won’t get very far as a team. So if Cousins cant switch that narrative this season or next, we may see the Vikings move on from the quarterback

2- Mac Jones

Mac Jones looked to be in no trouble at the start of last season, after placing 2nd in the Offensive Rookie Of The Year voting to Bengals wide receiver  Ja’mar Chase, it looked like New England had found their successor to the GOAT Tom Brady. But Jones started off bad, very bad in the early parts of the season. Even being replaced by rookie Bailey Zappe on primetime. But Jones has a good excuse as to why he had such a bad season, it’s not easy to run an offense when the person running your offense doesn’t even coach that side of the ball. The Patriots coordinator last season was defensive-minded, Matt Patrica. Yes, the Patriots offensive coordinator was a defensive-minded coach. What were they thinking? New England loaded up on weapons in free agency signing former Steeler and Chiefs WR Juju Smith-Schuester and Dolphins tight end Mike Ghesiki. Jones has an excellent opportunity to bounce back and regain control of the Patriots offense. But if he doesn’t, Jones could be on the hot seat. 

3- Ryan Tannehill

Tannehill is very similar to Kirk Cousins, he’s a guy that will get you a win and give you good quarterback play. Especially in 2020 when Tannehill had a career year that led to a contract extension with the Titans. But that has recently slowed down. Tannehill hasn’t necessarily been bad for the Titans, but he hasn’t been the same quarterback as was in 2020. The Titans selected Kentucky quarterback Will Levisin in this year’s draft with the 1st pick in the 2nd round. After what looks to be a failed Malik Willis experiment, Levis looks to be a guy the Titans view highly and could potentially take over the team very quickly. But that will depend on how Ryan Tanihill plays, if he shows signs of his 2020 self, he could very easily keep the job but if not, the end could be near for Tanihill and Tennesse.

4- Matthew Stafford

Before last season, Stafford had just won his first Super Bowl with the LA Rams. And most thought that should’ve been it for the quarterback. A Super Bowl win would’ve been the perfect ending to such a great career. But Stafford decided he wasn’t done and rejoined the Rams the following season. Stafford then suffered a season-ending Spinal Chord Contusion, which ended an already not-very-contending season for the Rams. Stafford turned 35 in February and it may be time for LA to think about who the next guy is. Is it Stenson Bennet? Probably not, but if Stafford doesn’t bounce back well from that injury, it might be best for the quarterback to call it quits.

5- Brock Purdy

It may not be a stretch to call Brock Purdy the best Mr. Irrelevant of all time after just one half of a season, because we have never seen someone that low of a pick turn out to contribute so much to a team, so Why is Purdy on this list? Well, it’s cause the reason Purdy was so good wasn’t because he is a great quarterback. It’s because he was put into a top three offense in the league as well as being parried with a coach who most people believe is one of the best offensive minds in the NFL, Kyle Shanahan. The 49ers still have Trey Lance coming off a season-ending knee injury and nobody knows if he will be the same. But if Purdy underperforms which is a very realistic outcome, it might be Trey Lance back at the helm for San Francisco. Because you don’t draft a guy 2nd overall to be a backup, you draft him to lead your franchise for the next decade.


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