Denver Broncos Game-By-Game 2023 Schedule Prediction

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Broncos Game-By-Game 2023 Schedule Prediction


Denver Broncos Game-By-Game 2023 Schedule Prediction


Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos had an extremely disappointing 2022 season where Russell Wilson looked awful, and their coaching situation was simply a mess. We saw what the Broncos’ offense can be after Nathaniel Hackett was fired, but it still looks concerning. Denver brought in Sean Payton which instantly upgraded their chances and spent big on Mike McGlinchey, Ben Powers, and Zach Allen while retaining key pieces. The AFC West is a dogfight, can they keep up remains to be seen. 


Week 1: vs Las Vegas Raiders: Loss (0-1)

Broncos fans want to beat the Raiders, and they likely are the better team this year. That said, the Raiders, however bad they’ve been, are the Broncos’ Achilles heel. Sean Payton and Russell Wilson need to click, and it’s likely going to take time to see a consistent offense. On defense, it’s been hard to stop Josh Jacobs and Davante Adams. 


Week 2: vs Washington Commanders: Win (1-1)

The Broncos defense should dominate this game. Sam Howell can be a good quarterback but starting out vs. Denver’s defense is tough. The defense will need to keep them in the game, as I don’t trust the offense to fully keep up yet with a tough Washington defense. The matchup bodes well for Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton as well. 


Week 3: at Miami Dolphins: Loss (1-2)

The Dolphins are exceptional and on defense, the secondary is going to place a ton of strain on this Denver offense, especially taking away both of their top receiving options. Denver’s defense matches up well, but Patrick Surtain can only cover one of Tyreek Hill or Jaylen Waddle and the other should have a big day vs. Damarii Mathis. Offensively, the Dolphins should dominate. 


Week 4: at Chicago Bears: Win (2-2)

If Denver has an at least average run defense, they should be able to handle this game fairly easily. The Bears offensive plan passing isn’t fully built up yet, and it remains to be seen how well they can throw the ball, especially against a formidable secondary. I like Denver’s matchup against Jaylon Johnson and Kyler Gordon a fair amount, and it should be the first time we really see the Wilson/Payton connection. 

Week 5: vs New York Jets: Win (3-2)

This is likely a game the Broncos shouldn’t win, but they do. Offensively, the Broncos will really need to get the run game going in order to be successful as I don’t see Russell Wilson passing for much against the Jets corner trio, running the ball should be fairly successful, however. On defense, the Broncos can come away with pressure on Rodgers and force a turnover or two, which helps them. 


Week 6: at Kansas City Chiefs: Loss (3-3)

The Chiefs and Broncos have matched up well over time, but I like the Chiefs more here, on a short week, it will be Sean Payton’s first time planning against Patrick Mahomes in a couple of years, something that’s hard for any coach even on a yearly basis. This will be a fantastic matchup, but at the end of the day, I like Patrick Mahomes over Russell Wilson in clutch time. 


Week 7: vs Green Bay Packers: Win (4-3)

The Packers aren’t going to be a good team this year, Jordan Love is in for a learning curve with a poor group of offensive weapons outside Christian Watson and Aaron Jones. Defensively, they lack a good bit of talent in their front seven along with some poor coaching. The Broncos should be able to score and do so well if they can move the ball consistently, if not, the defense will need to pick up the slack. 


Week 8: vs Kansas City Chiefs: Loss (4-4)

Getting swept by a division rival is never something you want to happen, but it’s going to with the Chiefs. The Super Bowl champions improved their roster and are going to give Patrick Mahomes all day with the best offensive line in football. The Broncos defense is going to be strained for the second time in three weeks, and it’s going to come down to how well Russell Wilson can execute against the Chiefs touted defense. Like the first matchup, this will be a good game for Javonte Williams, assuming he’s healthy. 


Week 9: Bye Week


Week 10: at Buffalo Bills: Loss (4-5)

The Bills are talented, there’s no questioning that, and a November game in Buffalo is tough for any team. This should be a fantastic matchup, as shown by the Monday Night Football slotting. This is a toss up game that can really go either way as both teams match up fairly well, the Broncos’ receiving core could make or break this game, especially how they fare vs. Kaiir Elam. 


Week 11: vs Minnesota Vikings: Win (5-5)

This point in the season you’re relying on the Broncos’ offense to be good for them to consistently win games, if they are struggling then a similar year to 2022 is likely in store. The Vikings secondary is weak, which should bode well for the Denver passing game, especially Jerry Jeudy in a massive prove it year. Denver’s front four should get consistent pressure on Kirk Cousins and if Patrick Surtain covers Justin Jefferson well enough, this game is easily in hand. 


Week 12: vs Cleveland Browns: Loss (5-6)

It feels like I’m just repeating the win, loss combination, but the Broncos schedule is laid out in a weird way like that. If Deshaun Watson can go back to his old ways and not 2022 play, then there’s a severe chance for the Browns to make a serious run. They have a talented defense at all levels which matches up exceptionally well vs. the Denver offense, especially in pass rush. Denver’s defense will be put to strain in their secondary and if they can’t pressure Watson, things get ugly. 


Week 13: at Houston Texans: Loss (5-7)

A game the Broncos should win, they won’t. It happens to every team at least once a season, and often more. The Texans are an interesting team, and I like DeMeco Ryans ability to coach a better defense than Sean Payton can offense with Wilson. The Texans aren’t a bad team anymore, they aren’t good, but certainly not a pushover. Their secondary has formidable pieces that are in play here, and the offense should look completely different under CJ Stroud. The Broncos will be favorites, but it’s a prototypical trap game. 


Week 14: at Los Angeles Chargers: Win (6-7)

The Broncos end their losing streak and bounce back with a huge win on a divisional opponent. The Chargers’ offense is electric and will score vs. the Denver defense, but I expect the Broncos to be able to keep up with their offense vs. an average Chargers defense, especially in the secondary outside of Derwin James. Courtland Sutton appears to be in store for a big game vs. JC Jackson and if he does well the rest of the offense should too. 


Week 15: at Detroit Lions: Loss (6-8)

The Lions defense is going to control this game, a phrase I haven’t thought about saying since I was born. They have an exceptional secondary and a strong pass rush off the edge. They’re going to get pressure on Wilson, and they’ll generate turnovers. Offensively, they can move the ball well and score, especially if Jared Goff is playing at a similar level to 2022. The Broncos defense is going to be tested as I don’t see their offense doing much, if Surtain can contain Jameson Williams, things get interesting. 


Week 16: vs New England Patriots: Win (7-8)

This is a game the Broncos defense will have to win, the Patriots defense is tough, and I don’t really like the matchup for Russell Wilson here, especially vs. a strong secondary with consistent pressure. The Denver defense will match up fairly well and should generate a score facing Mac Jones and a weak Patriots offense. This game could go either way, and it’s an exceptional coaching matchup too. 


Week 17: vs Los Angeles Chargers: Loss (7-9)

This game could decide the playoffs for Los Angeles and, honestly, Brandon Staley’s job as well. Like week 14, this game matches up well for both offensive units. If the Denver defense can contain Austin Ekeler, it will limit the damage Herbert is able to do, however, that doesn’t stop their trio of weapons from being able to take over a game. Denver will really need Wilson and company to be clicking here. 


Week 18: at Las Vegas Raiders: Loss (7-10)

The Raiders are going to be either really bad or slightly above .500 and not in between, in this case, I think they’re the ladder. Denver has struggled stopping the run and that’s one thing the Raiders are going to do against whoever they can, if the Denver front four can push in and stop Josh Jacobs they have a shot this game. If not, the Raiders are just going to run all over them and contain Russel Wilson well. 


The Broncos are a confusing team, and their whole season relies on Russell Wilson being able to play good football. If he is close to what he was last year then this year is just another tailspin and likely a rebuild is coming, it’s a huge year not only for him but the team in general. The Broncos have talent, especially on defense and their offensive weapons with a good coach, but it will all rely on a good offense. I’m not a huge fan of Vance Joseph either, but he shouldn’t have a hard time with this much talent. The Broncos schedule is lined up well and if they are pushing for the playoffs, finishing with the Chargers twice, Lions, Patriots and Raiders in the final five weeks bode well. 


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