Dallas Cowboys Game-By-Game 2023 Schedule Prediction

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Dallas Cowboys Game-By-Game 2023 Schedule Prediction


Dallas Cowboys Game-By-Game 2023 Schedule Prediction


Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Week 1- New York Giants: Win

The season starts off with a primetime game in New York. Dak Prescott has not lost to the Giants since 2016, and he will not break that streak in this game. I think the Cowboys defense will be too much for a weak Giants offense, and the Cowboys will walk away with a win.


Week 2- New York Jets: Loss

Aaron Rodgers owns the Dallas Cowboys. It feels like, no matter how bad the team is that Rodgers is on, they always find a way to take down Dallas. Now that the Jets have a quarterback to pair with a talented offense, this team should take the win over the Cowboys.


Week 3- Arizona Cardinals: Win

Arizona is one of the weaker teams in the league and without Kyler Murray in this game, the Cowboys should have no problem running through this team. I expect a big win for Dallas, with success on both sides of the ball.


Week 4- New England Patriots: Win

Last time these two teams met, it went into overtime. They played a close and hard – fought game, but in the end, Dallas took the win. I fully expect the same outcome, but without seeing overtime. Dallas has an offense that will be too much for the Patriots defense to handle, and it’s going to cause the Cowboys to grab the win. 

Week 5- San Francisco 49ers: Win

Brock Purdy is out, and Trey Lance has not looked impressive. I think the game will be low scoring, similar to how it was in the playoffs between these teams. However, I think the 49ers not having a clear quarterback will hold them back and Dallas will be able to extend its winning streak.


Week 6- Los Angeles Chargers: Win

The Dallas Cowboys are red-hot going into a game against the Chargers and I think that flame is going to help them steal this game. Justin Herbert will have a great game, but I think the pressure sent by Dallas’ defense is going to cause him to make mistakes. 


Week 8- Los Angeles Rams: Win

The Rams are a weak team and this offseason they got weaker. Losing Jalen Ramsey will be tough for this team, and the Cowboys wide receiver core will tear through their defense. Dallas will continue their win streak through the Bye Week.


Week 9- Philadelphia Eagles: Loss

A game in Philadelphia is going to be tough for any team to win. With a rivalry like the Cowboys and Eagles, anyone can win in any matchup. The Eagles were one of the best teams this past season and got better in the offseason. I think the Eagles will snap the Cowboys’ winning streak.


Week 10- New York Giants: Win

Once again the Giants and Cowboys play and one again the Cowboys will come away with a win. Prescott simply does not lose to the Giants. The Cowboys are a significantly better team than the Giants, and they will have no problem sweeping.


Week 11- Carolina Panthers: Win

A new quarterback in Carolina is going to make it tough for this Panthers team to be successful this season. They have a weak offensive line that Micah Parsons is going to tear through and send constant pressure. With no receivers for Bryce Young to rely on, the Cowboys defense will steal the win.


Week 12- Washington Commanders: Win

The Commanders will find more success this season, but they will not find it in Dallas. They are playing in AT&T Stadium on Thanksgiving Day, and Dallas should have no problem wiping the floor with them. This Cowboys team will be too much for the Commanders.


Week 13- Seattle Seahawks: Loss

A big upset on primetime when Geno Smith led the Seahawks to come into Dallas and beat them on primetime football. I think this is just going to be one of those games that Dallas struggles for no reason and can not handle this Seahawks team. Seattle steals a win from a talented Cowboys team.


Week 14- Philadelphia Eagles: Win

The Cowboys get right back to their winning ways and grab a big win over the Eagles to split the series. It is very rare that we see one of these teams sweep the other, and I don’t see it happening this season. They are both very talented and should have no issue each getting a win.


Week 15- Buffalo Bills: Win

The Cowboys will go into Buffalo and upset Josh Allen and the Bills. I think these teams are both evenly matched and either team can walk out with a win, but I’m going to have Trevon Diggs out playing his older brother and helping his team walk away with a win.


Week 16- Miami Dolphins: Loss

If Tua Tagovailoa is on the field, I think the Dolphins will tear through Dallas’ defense. They have a fast-paced offense that most teams are going to struggle to keep up with. I think Dallas’ offense will keep up, but the Dolphins will be too much for the Cowboys.


Week 17- Detroit Lions: Loss

Another big upset for the Cowboys as they lose two straight for the first time this season. I think the Lions will be playing for a lot more than Dallas will be late in the season, and this game may be very similar to the Cowboys Jaguars game last season. I think Detroit will play hard and walk away with the late season win.


Week 18- Washington Commanders: Win

In the final game of the season, I have the cowboys snapping their losing streak right before the playoffs start. This will likely decide seeding within the playoffs, so I am sure they will have their starters out ready to play. I see them sweeping the Commanders and finishing the season 12-5 for the 3rd straight year. 


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