Chicago Bears Game-By-Game 2023 Schedule Prediction

Todd Rosenberg/NFL

Chicago Bears Game-By-Game 2023 Schedule Prediction


Chicago Bears Game-By-Game 2023 Schedule Prediction


In 2022, the Bears finished at a record of 3-14 which was the worst record in franchise history since 1969. But they are going into the 2023 season with a newly improved roster and their quarterback in Justin Fields is going into his third year in the NFL. With the help of these additional weapons and an improving offensive line, Fields could really succeed and overall help the Bears have a better season from past years. 

9/10 vs Green Bay Packers: Loss 0-1

The Packers have owned the Chicago Bears for years on end now. But most of those past games were dominated by the great Aaron Rodgers. From now on, Green Bay will be led by Jordan Love at the quarterback position. But the Packers defense held the Bears offense to just 29 points in two games and they will continue that in the 2023 season. This game will be closer than people think but the Bears lose to the Packers 24-21.

Todd Rosenberg/NFL

9/17 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Win 1-1

Tampa Bay is going to be without their quarterback as well since Tom Brady retired at the end of last season. But Tampa is still a talented team on both sides of the ball. They do have a big question mark at the quarterback with Baker Mayfield as their starter, but that could go one of two ways for Buccaneers fans. Coming off a hard fought loss to their rivals in the Green Bay Packers, the Bears beat the Buccaneers 27-21. 

9/24 at Kansas City Chiefs: Loss 1-2

The first major test of the season rolls around in week three for the Bears. Traveling to Arrowhead Stadium is never easy. Justin Fields and his Bears team are in for a rough one up against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs highly talented offense. The Kansas City offense will show its strengths and be too much for Chicago as the Bears lose to the Chiefs 38-14. 

10/1 vs Denver Broncos: Win 2-2

The Broncos were one of the more disappointing teams in last year’s NFL season but they look to turn that around in the 2023 season. The Broncos are going to be a threat when it comes to the ground game this year and they will look to use that heavily against this Bears defense. This will be a back and forth game but ends as the Bears beat the Broncos 20-17. 

10/5 at Washington Commanders: Win 3-2

All of America got to see this game last year as it ended in a 12-7 loss for the Bears in week seven. However, the Chicago Bears are out for revenge this year as everyone is interested to see how the starting quarterback of the Commanders (probably Sam Howell) does against this Bears defense. This will be another low scoring, hard-fought battle as the Bears win 14-10. 

10/15 vs Minnesota Vikings: Loss 3-3

This Minnesota team is in a very weird position. They let go of their wide receiver in Adam Thielen, almost got rid of Dalvin Cook, but have arguably the best wide receiver in the league. They’re just missing that superstar quarterback to take them to the next level. This will be yet another ugly game but the Bears lose to the Vikings 27-20. 

10/22 vs Las Vegas Raiders: Win 4-3

Jimmy Garoppolo is now at the helm of a Raiders offense that is spoiled with weapons. With guys like Devonte Adams, Josh Jacobs, Hunter Renfroe, and so many more, there is no reason for this Raiders team to not compete. This will be a dog fight to the very end though as the Bears beat the Raiders 20-13. 

10/29 at Los Angeles Chargers: Loss 4-4

It has been so tough to tell how the Chargers will look only a couple weeks through the season in recent years. That is a great possibility to happen again in the 2023 season. The Chargers have a new offensive coordinator at the side of Justin Herbert which will help them prevail as the Chargers beat the Bears 31-14. 

11/5 at New Orleans Saints: Loss 4-5

Going up against wide receivers like Chirs Olave and Michael Thomas with a running back like Alvin Kamar in the backfield is never going to be easy. One of the only people it makes life easy for is Derek Carr, the Saints new QB. Carr has fallen into a great scenario here in New Orleans and is going to use that to the best abilities. Especially here in week nine as the Bears lose to the Saints 34-17. 

11/9 vs Carolina Panthers: Win 5-5

After trading the number one overall to the Caroline Panthers, the Panthers used that to select Young to lead their team while the Bears stuck with Justin Fields. This game will be huge for both quarterbacks to really show what they got but the Bears beat the Panthers 27-13. 

11/19 at Detroit Lions: Loss 5-6 

Lions fans have a lot of hope for this team and their future. The Lions looked very promising at the end of last season and beefed up nearly every part of their team in the offseason. Detroit straight up disrespected the Bears last season and they will roll that into this year as the Bears lose to the Lions 21-13. 

11/27 at Minnesota Vikings: Loss 5-7 

The Bears offense is going to have to get going early and often if they want a chance to beat this Vikings team and start a winning streak near the end of the regular season. It’s around this time Justin Fields starts to ball out but unfortunately for Chicago they just won’t be able to keep up as the Bears lose to the Vikings 28-17. 

12/10 vs Detroit Lions: Win 6-7 

The Bears will look to split the home-and-home series with the Lions for the 2023 season in week 14 when Detroit comes to Soldier Field.The Bears were so close to winning the home matchup against the Lions last year and want this year’s game badly.  Justin Fields will continue to play amazing heading into this week and the Bears beat the Lions 27-21. 

12/17 at Cleveland Browns: Loss 6-8

The Browns, as many know, traded a lot for Deshaun Watson a couple offseasons back and haven’t received a full offseason or season with him yet. This will be the first one and he’ll be more than settled down and ready to take on this Chicago Bears team. The Bears lose to the Browns 21-14. 

12/24 vs Arizona Cardinals: Win 7-8 

The Cardinals were a solid team in year’s past but numerous things have happened to make them far from that. This will be a nice pickup win for the Bears headed into the last parts of the season. The Bears beat the Cardinals 28-13. 

12/31 vs Atlanta Falcons: Loss 7-9

The Falcons and Bears faced off last year in a close contest that was won by the Falcons but only by three points. Defense is going to be key in this one and Arizona really upped their defensive strength this offseason. This will be a cold and ugly game but the Bears lose to the Falcons 21-14. 

1/7 at Green Bay Packers: Loss 7-10 

Opening and closing games of the regular season just so happen to come against the Bears’ rival in the Green Bay Packers. Just like week 17, this will be an ugly weather game that most likely will have no meaning when it comes to the playoff picture. The Bears lose to the Packers 28-14. 

Overall Prediction: 7-10

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