Antonio Brown & Cam Newton To Team Up In An Unexpected Place

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Antonio Brown & Cam Newton To Team Up In An Unexpected Place


Antonio Brown & Cam Newton To Team Up In An Unexpected Place


In late April, Antonio Brown purchased a majority stake of the Albany Empire, an Arena Football franchise that his father played for in the 1990s. Since that day, things in Albany have been chaotic. To begin his tenure, he fired their championship winning coach just weeks before the season started, since then, that same coach was  re-hired several weeks into the season before resigning from his position following a forty five point loss just. 

Somewhat predictably, the defending back to back champions have severely underperformed with several issues off the field, such as disputes over pay between the players/staff and the ownership that led to the loss of several key players, including last year’s MVP of the league, Wide Receiver Darius Prince, and Championship game MVP, Quarterback Sam Castronova. 

After all of these issues, there is only one man Antonio Brown thinks can turn things around, that of course, is Antonio Brown himself. A top 10 receiver in NFL history will be suiting up for the first time since his infamous incident where he casually strolled off the field in the middle of a game against the New York Jets

That was almost a year and a half ago, and although Brown has flirted with the possibility of returning to the NFL, teams did not feel the same way and AB has apparently decided this is his next best option. In addition to this already insane story, Antonio Brown is reportedly attempting to recruit former NFL MVP Cam Newton to join the empire. 

This would make them instantly the most talented duo that arena football has ever seen, as well as making Newton the most infamous quarterback to play arena football since Kurt Warner. 

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If you told an NFL fan five years ago that AB and Cam would be teaming up, they would assume it was in the pro bowl, not in the Arena Football league, All I can think about is how scary it would be to mess up a throw or miss a tackle in front of the team’s owner who is simultaneously your teammate. 

We all know Antonio Brown’s personality and temper, it‘s not out of the question that he would impulse-cut a player due to one mistake they made on the field. All we can do is sit back and wait for a result on Saturday, and the possible twitter outburst we will see postgame.

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