XFL Power Rankings Post Week 9

XFL Power Rankings Post Week 9


XFL Power Rankings Post Week 9


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1. DC Defenders (8-1) 

 The Defenders were able to clinch their division this week with a win. In an extremely strong division, DC has only one loss on the season. They have the best point differential in the league at +57, and by far the most points in the XFL. The Defenders deservedly sit as the number one spot in my power rankings and the favorite to win the XFL championship game this year. 

2. Seattle Sea Dragons (6-3) ↑1

The Sea Dragons still technically sit on the outside looking in for the playoffs due to tiebreakers with the Battlehawks. Seattle looked like a much better team in their recent matchup and the playoffs for both teams come down to the final week of the season. The Sea Dragons hold the head to head against the Roughnecks, putting them ahead of Houston despite a slightly worse point differential, but still at a solid +47.

3. Houston Roughnecks (6-3) ↑1

Houston has locked themselves into being a division winner in a weaker division. The opponents Houston has faced have not been the best, but they have looked like a solid team outside of a three game slump. The Roughnecks have the second-best point differential in the league at +49 and have a real shot at the championship. 

4. St. Louis Battlehawks (6-3) ↓2

The Battlehawks are a part of the strong North division, and created some drama losing to the Sea Dragons, leaving it all up to week ten. For now, they have a playoff spot and can close it out with a strong win in week ten. The Battlehawks have a much worse point differential than the teams above them with +22, and also suffered a loss to their division rival this week, putting them down two spots. 

5. San Antonio Brahmas (3-6) ↑1

The Brahmas and Renegades are the teams fighting for the final playoff spot in the south division. San Antonio is currently out of the playoffs, but could make it happen in week ten. Coming off a win and an Arlington loss, the Brahmas bump themselves back over the Renegades in my rankings. They have a better point differential, although it is at -13. 

6. Arlington Renegades (4-5) ↓1

The Renegades suffered a loss at an inopportune time heading into the final weeks of the regular season. It now all comes down to the final week, as the Brahmas were able to close out a win. One of these two teams will make the playoffs despite them both currently being at a negative point differential. Arlington’s is worse, however, sitting at a -32, which is also third worst in the league. 

7. Vegas Vipers (2-7) 

Las Vegas was already eliminated last week, but could not get it done here either. The Vipers are the only north division team with a negative point differential, which sits at -49. This is the second worst in the league, and they sit at the second to last spot in my XFL power rankings. 

8. Orlando Guardians (1-8)

Orlando has been the bottom feeder of the league all season and it stays that way. The Guardians have given up the most points this season, and have had a below average offense. They by far have the worst point differential at -81 at this point, and remain at the bottom of my power rankings heading into the final week of the regular season. XFL Power Rankings Post Week 9


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