XFL Power Rankings Post Week 8

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XFL Power Rankings Post Week 8


XFL Power Rankings Post Week 8


1. DC Defenders (7-1) 

 The Defenders played a close game against the Sea Dragons, but like they have done all season, they got it done. DC has the best record in the league of course, but also has the best point differential in the XFL. They have the most points in the league and got themselves locked into a playoff spot this week. 

2. St. Louis Battlehawks (6-2) 

The Battlehawks were able to win an overtime thriller against the Vipers. It gave them a much needed win in a tight division. The most important game of the season is coming up against Seattle, where the Battlehawks get into the playoffs with a win on Sunday. St Louis is just behind the Roughnecks in point differential, where the Battlehawks now sit at +40.

3. Seattle Sea Dragons (5-3) 

The Sea Dragons stay put, despite a loss to the DC Defenders. This was Seattle’s chance to really get in on the playoff drama in the north, and now they will need to work some magic to make it in with only two games remaining in the regular season. Seattle will play the direct team they are challenging for a spot in the Battlehawks, and with a loss would be eliminated. It is now or never for Seattle, who has the fourth best point differential in the league.

4. Houston Roughnecks (5-3) 

Another overtime game this week, this time where Houston corrected their fall off from the past few weeks with a win over the Brahmas. The Roughnecks have the second best point differential in the league, but have the courtesy of being in a weak division. Seattle holds the head to head over the two teams and the Battlehawks have a better record, and are just behind them in point differential. For now, Houston will remain at number four on the list.

5. Arlington Renegades (4-4) ↑1

The win by the Renegades this last weekend bumps them up a spot in the power rankings and in a good spot to make a push for a playoff spot. Despite being in this position, Arlington has the third worst point differential in the XFL at -30. A weak division helps them be in this situation, but based on the performance and ability of the teams they still sit below, average in the rankings. 

6. San Antonio Brahmas (2-6)↓1

The Brahmas have a strong defense, but have one of the worst offenses across the XFL. San Antonio has the fourth worst point differential, and it is actually worse than the Renegades above them on this list. The two extra losses count against the Brahmas, however, putting them closer to the bottom of the power rankings. 

7. Vegas Vipers (2-6) 

The Vipers were the first team to be eliminated from playoff contention. Vegas found themselves in the first ever overtime game in the new era of the XFL. They were not able to get it done of course, and remain with the second worst point differential in the XFL at -42. 

8. Orlando Guardians (1-7)

The Guardians are now eliminated from playoff contention after their loss to the Renegades. Orlando has consistently been at the bottom of this list in large part due to having the worst point differential out of any team, at any point in this XFL season. That remains unchanged as the Guardians have a -79 point differential. 


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