XFL Power Rankings Post Regular Season

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XFL Power Rankings Post Regular Season


XFL Power Rankings Post Regular Season


1. DC Defenders (9-1) 

 The Defenders finish the season with the best record in the XFL, only having one loss. Despite having a solid point differential all season, the +58 differential is only good for third in the league. DC, however, has dominated the teams surrounding them in the rankings and their regular season as a whole was spectacular, helping them stick at the number one spot.

2. Seattle Sea Dragons (7-3) 

The Sea Dragons clinched a playoff spot in a dominant win over the Vipers. Seattle ended up having the best point differential in the XFL when all was said and done in the regular season, at +66. They have the least points allowed on the season, with confidence heading into the playoffs. 

3. Houston Roughnecks (7-3) 

The Roughnecks looked like the best team in the league to start the season and it seemed to turn off, but they do still do hold the second best point differential in the XFL at +65. Houston lost to both teams above them on this list, but luckily do not have to face either until a possible XFL championship game.

4. St. Louis Battlehawks (7-3) 

The Battlehawks first half left something to be desired, and they then dominated their second half to close out a win. Sadly it was not enough, as they got eliminated from playoff contention despite a great record due to a strong division. Out of the teams with a winning record, St. Louis has the worst point differential, but it is the only positive one left in the league at +47.

5. San Antonio Brahmas (3-7)

The Brahmas were eliminated from playoff contention, but with both teams coming off a loss, I kept San Antonio ahead of Arlington. The Brahmas had the worst offense in the league, but a great defense. Despite only having three wins, they had just a -14 point differential, which is better than any team below them in the power rankings. 

6. Arlington Renegades (4-6) 

The Renegades are the only team with a losing record to make the playoffs, despite a weak division. They have a worse point differential than the Brahmas and so I put them lower on the list. A couple of the wins Arlington has are very close games, which seems to inflate their record with the four wins they do have. It is hard to foresee the Renegades truly being competitive in the playoffs.

7. Vegas Vipers (2-8) 

The Vipers end the season with just two wins, and at the bottom of their division. They have the second worst point differential in the league and find themselves in the second-to-last spot in my power rankings. They at least performed better than Orlando has this season, but the bar is not high there.

8. Orlando Guardians (1-9)

The Guardians finish the season with only one win, and the worst record in the XFL. They had the worst defense in the league on tape, and it shows in having the most points allowed in the regular season. Orlando has by far the worst point differential at -106, and find themselves at the last spot in the rankings to finish the season.


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