Top Five Landing Spots for Devin White

Top Five Landing Spots for Devin White


Top Five Landing Spots for Devin White


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Devin White has announced that he has requested a trade. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers don’t really want to trade him, but White has expressed his discontent, especially on social media, over the last week. He wants to get paid the big bucks, and the Buccaneers can’t completely offer that to him right away. If he were to get traded, these would be some of the best landing spots, White might be able to go to. 

  1. Cleveland Browns

The Browns are a very fun and likely landing spot for White. Pairing him with a guy like Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah can work really well for them. This can be a fantastic move that works for both parties. White’s biggest concern is getting paid, and the Browns can pay him if they make the right moves. With Deshaun Watson leading the charge and an already pretty stacked defense, adding White can make all the difference. They don’t have the most money in the world, so they’ll have to figure things out to get this trade to work out. 


  1. Houston Texans

The Texans have now accumulated all the picks and money in the world to make a splash, and there is a possibility that White is in the cards for them. They need to start working on their defense as they need practically every defensive position and starting at talent with the linebacker position could end up being fruitful for them. The only issue is how expensive the linebacker position is, and I’m not sure White would want to continue his career in Houston either. 

  1. Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons have begun making moves on defense, adding Jeff Okudah to their secondary. Devin White can be a huge upgrade for them at the linebacker position. It is a major position of need for them, and they look to be moving in the right direction as a team. They can get the deal done in terms of their cap space, but draft picks might be their major issue here. Would White be interested in going to a division rival? At the right price, of course, and I think the Falcons can offer that for him. 


  1. Detroit Lions

On the other side, the Lions are needing a bounce back after trading Okudah to the Falcons in exchange for a fifth round pick. A lot of people have been upset about that trade, and adding a linebacker like Devin White can work out well for them. The Lions can be a playoff team with an upgraded defense. A position they have always struggled with is linebacker and with the way their franchise is heading, a big spend on defense could be in the cards. They have the money, the draft capital, and the hopes of soon being a contender. I say why not. 


  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I’m throwing the Buccaneers on the list to retain White as this becomes the most likely scenario for him to go to. Tampa Bay will have a significant need at the linebacker position by trading White, so doing all they can to keep him is in his best interest. The problem is, they don’t have much money to keep him where he is, but they can work things out with other guys in order to accomplish that. 


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