Odell Beckham Jr. Signs With the Baltimore Ravens

Odell Beckham Jr. Signs With the Baltimore Ravens


Odell Beckham Jr. Signs With the Baltimore Ravens


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In breaking fashion, Odell Beckham Jr. has signed with the Baltimore Ravens on a one-year, $18 million dollar deal that will see him become a primary target at wide receiver for the team. The last couple of years, the Ravens have struggled to put multiple top-tier targets on the field for Lamar Jackson. Mark Andrews and their running back room have been carrying a majority of the offensive load. 

The signing of Odell Beckham Jr. not only shows an effort by the team to help their franchise passer, but it also adds a dangerous weapon who’s proved his ability to make an impact on multiple teams. Nonetheless, there are multiple questions surrounding Beckham’s health and effectiveness at this point in his career, as well as the size of the contract at a time when the team needs to pay their quarterback. 


The Ravens and Jackson are currently in a dispute, with failure from both parties to reach a contract extension. Jackson is representing himself throughout the process without an agent to help mediate the deal. It was revealed that Jackson requested a trade from the team in early March, but it’s obvious that they’re hesitant to move away from the former MVP. Does this signing show that Jackson will at least return for another year in Maryland? I would say that the signs are pointing to yes. A huge move on Easter Sunday for the AFC contenders. 

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