Jose Ramirez Scouting Report

Jose Ramirez Scouting Report

2023 NFL Draft

Jose Ramirez Scouting Report


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EDGE Jose Ramirez (6-3, 255, #4)

Career Stats: 31 Games Played, 155 tackles, 33 for loss, 20.5 sacks, seven breakups, five forced fumbles | 91 pressures, 24 hits, 58 hurries, 81 stops

Ramirez has achieved three consecutive seasons with an 85+ pass rush grade, including back-to-back seasons over 92. He was a standout at JUCO before exploding onto the scene at Eastern Michigan. Ramirez is a twitch rusher who likes to convert his speed into power. He has a natural bend, good leverage, and consistently wins off the rip. He has a good arsenal of pass rush moves and often uses a swim/swipe move to win as a pass rusher. Ramirez enjoys contact and is not easily knocked off his pass rush plan. He has a great motor and plays through the whistle every play. He is an athletic monster off the edge and has a sense for the run. He reads plays and tries to push the tackle into a rushing lane. Ramirez often uses a fake interior move to then rush outside and beat the tackle using their own leverage.

Ramirez is a great athlete but is raw and weak. He is undersized, which contributes to the lack of power, but he will need to put on muscle in the NFL to succeed. He consistently gets his pads too high, which causes tackles to latch on easily and not get beat athletically. Ramirez will need to refine his hand placement, especially being consistent while also keeping his lower body aligned.

It is a lazy comparison, but Ramirez plays a lot like Maxx Crosby, who was also a standout at Eastern Michigan. Ramirez will need to put on muscle and refine his playstyle, but given his effort and career so far, there is no reason to think he won’t put that effort into the NFL. He is an incredibly raw prospect who could go higher than expected simply based on his potential upside and athletic profile. There is a lot to like with Ramirez, and it all relies on him developing muscle and technique.

Round Grade: Early 6th Round


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