Jaquelin Roy Scouting Report

Jaquelin Roy Scouting Report

2023 NFL Draft

Jaquelin Roy Scouting Report


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DT Jaquelin Roy, LSU (6-4, 305, #99)

Career Stats: 31 Games Played, 97 tackles, 14 for loss, four sacks, three fumble recoveries, two forced fumbles | 74 pressures, 21 quarterback hits, 56 hurries, 48 run stops

Roy earned the chance to start in 2022 after being behind Neil Farrell for his first two years. Roy has a fantastic first step, and he consistently explodes out of his stance into the blocking assignment. He moves a lot quicker than someone over three hundred pounds should. He plays with a violent tendency, especially with his pass rush ability. He’ll continually use a swim move that gets him into the backfield consistently. He has good hand positioning where he quickly gets his hands up and uses his strength to win at the point of attack. He won’t be moved easily in either the run or pass due to his incredibly strong and big lower body, which allows him to anchor and drive interior lineman back. His lateral quickness and hips are consistently showing, as he’s able to duck down and get underneath leverage on the lineman. His explosiveness isn’t incredibly consistent, and over the span of the game, he can start to disappear at times. Roy needs to refine his foot positioning and make sure he keeps a wider base so he doesn’t get washed out. There are moments during the run game where Roy has the tendency to not use his quickness and rely solely on his power, which can cause him to get top-heavy. I like his swim and club moves, but it would be best if he can refine another move such as a swipe or bull rush.

Roy has a good mix of power and agility, which teams are going to try and refine, pushing him into being a consistent starter. He’s a fluid run defender who can provide a strong pass rush option, especially on third down where he doesn’t have to worry about the possibility of a running lane. Roy can slide around the defensive line, working at three-tech and nose tackle often during his college career. There’s a lot to like about Roy from a physical standpoint, and with some coaching, he’ll develop the tools as well.

Round Grade: Late 2nd Round


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