Jammie Robinson Scouting Report

Jammie Robinson Scouting Report

2023 NFL Draft

Jammie Robinson Scouting Report


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S Jammie Robinson (6-0, 195, #10)

Career Stats: 47 Games Played, 318 Tackles, 16 for loss, seven interceptions, 17 breakups, three forced fumbles, 72 stops | 116 receptions, 1233 yards, and eight touchdowns allowed on 175 targets, 85.3 QBR when targeted

Robinson is a versatile defensive back who is going to succeed when teams move him around. He posted one thousand three hundred twenty-five snaps in the slot, seven hundred twenty-seven at free safety, six hundred three at strong safety, and another one hundred sixty-five at linebacker. He showed that he can be a productive player at every position, demonstrating quick-twitch and explosiveness. He has a good motor and will find himself near the ball due to his high motor and effort. Robinson has good instincts and can read route concepts well before making a play on the ball. He also squeezes routes well and will jam down receivers inside their concept. He has fluid hips and good vision, which allows him to make a play on the ball.

As a run defender, Robinson is aggressive and plays with a fantastic trigger. He comes downhill quickly and shoots the gap to make a play in the backfield. Robinson has some questions, though, especially when it comes to his ball production downfield. He doesn’t seem to be at his best when tasked with covering deeper drops, but he does flash with his instincts and can grow into the role. There aren’t many flaws outside of a true positional fit, though he needs to do a better job tracking the ball in the air when not within fifteen yards of the line of scrimmage.

I’m a huge fan of Robinson. He has a great motor and demonstrates a fantastic ability to defend the run. He consistently plays well no matter the position he lines up at, and doesn’t seem to have a flaw anywhere. He’s a productive player, and teams will enjoy the ability to move him around. He might end up as a strict box safety, which could impact his draft stock, but he has a ton of traits that will translate well into the NFL.

Round Grade: Mid 2nd Round


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