Deja Vu for the Ohio State Buckeyes?

Deja Vu for the Ohio State Buckeyes?


Deja Vu for the Ohio State Buckeyes?



On the morning of April 12, Ryan Day announced that quarterback Devin Brown would not be playing in the Ohio State spring game this upcoming Saturday. With Brown being out, this essentially ends the quarterback battle and hands the starting spot to Kyle McCord. Now this shouldn’t be a worry for Buckeye fans as the junior quarterback is a high-level talent and will most definitely make a name for himself in this upcoming season. The reason Devin Brown is out though is because he is scheduled to have a procedure on one of the fingers on his throwing hand.

Now this story may seem eerily familiar to some Buckeye fans, but for those of you who don’t know, this seems to line up the exact same way when Joe Burrow was at Ohio State. Burrow was pulled from the quarterback race as a redshirt sophomore because he needed, you guessed it, a procedure on his throwing hand. But Buckeye fans do not fret, to shed some light on this story, McCord and Brown were as neck-and-neck in a quarterback race as Ohio State football has seen in years. Unlike in the Burrow situation where he seemed to be tailing behind the other quarterbacks and then unfortunately had his injury. 

Another positive note for Ohio State fans is that Ryan Day seems very confident in the fact that Brown will have a full summer to recover and be throwing back to normal in no time. For the Ohio State fans that were so high on Devin Brown, this should raise a question, what is the best possible scenario for them? 

Well, it’s simple. You hope Kyle McCord takes that starting position by the ropes, goes out, wins a National Championship, maybe even a Heisman, and then gets drafted. Leaving you with Brown as your quarterback, just as a redshirt sophomore, and fully healthy, ready to compete. But no matter if you wanted Kyle McCord or Devin Brown as your quarterback, Buckeye fans, you’re getting Kyle McCord, and that is nothing to be upset about. 


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