XFL Power Rankings Post Week Six

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XFL Power Rankings Post Week Six


XFL Power Rankings Post Week Six


1. DC Defenders (6-0) 

The Defenders solidified themselves as the team to beat after defeating the roughnecks and staying undefeated. DC now has the best point differential in the league at +55, and the most points for at 171. DC now has wins over some of the better teams in the league building up that resume as well, and they will remain at the top of the power rankings. 

2. Houston Roughnecks (4-2) 

It was difficult to know what to do with Houston after their second straight loss, given how they started the season. I decided to leave them where they are at, despite the fact that teams like Seattle have the head to head. Reason being the Roughnecks stayed competitive and lost to a dominant Defenders team, and still Houston has the second best point differential in the league at +49. 

 3. St. Louis Battlehawks (4-2) ↑1

The Battlehawks looked dominant over the Vipers, just about shutting their season down. The Battlehawks are in a prime spot to snag a playoff spot if they can stay hot over the last four games. St. Louis now has a better point differential than Seattle, sitting at a +27. The second playoff spot in the North division could come down to that late season game between the Sea Dragons and Battlehawks, but for now St. Louis has the advantage.

4. Seattle Sea Dragons (4-2) ↓1

The Sea Dragons stayed in a pretty tight game with Orlando, and although I would have liked to see them be more dominant against the worst team in the league, they came out with a win. St. Louis jumps back over Seattle in the power rankings due to having the head to head and a better point differential, at +27 for the Battlehawks and +21 for the Sea Dragons comparatively. Seattle is in a close race for the playoffs with only four weeks to play in the regular season. 

5. San Antonio Brahmas (2-4) ↑1

The Brahmas looked at least better than their record showed, and they were able to beat Arlington despite a load of injuries and jump them in the rankings. San Antonio has one of the better defenses in the XFL, giving up the least points allowed so far this year. San Antonio has a positive point differential, but by the slimmest of margins at plus one, however still much better than those below them on the list.

6. Arlington Renegades (3-3) ↓1

The Renegades fall back under the Brahmas after losing to them this last week, making it so they split this year’s series between the two teams. Despite having an extra win compared to San Antonio, the Renegades have a -23 point differential while the Brahmas have a positive point differential. The Renegades’ close games inflated their record to start the year, and now they fall closer to the bottom of the XFL power rankings.

7. Vegas Vipers (1-5) 

The Vipers needed to win this game in order to have a real shot at a playoff spot, and were not able to get it done. Vegas now has given up the second most points allowed, only ahead of Orlando, and has a -52 point differential, which is also second worst in the league. They sit at the bottom of the North division and near the bottom of the league in my XFL power rankings.

 8. Orlando Guardians (0-6)

Orlando was at least able to keep it tight in their game this weekend, but it still was not enough and the Guardians remain winless. The point differential of -78 is still very telling of where this team is at, along with having the most points allowed in the entire XFL. The only team without a win remains at the bottom of the rankings.


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