XFL Power Rankings Post Week 5

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XFL Power Rankings Post Week 5


XFL Power Rankings Post Week 5


1. DC Defenders (5-0) ↑1

The Defenders looked great and beat the Battlehawks for the second time this season, giving them a comfortable spot atop their division. The Sea Dragons beat the Roughnecks in week five, which makes DC the only undefeated team in the XFL. It was still a challenge putting the Defenders above the Roughnecks because of the point differential, as DC is at +44 and Houston is still at +60. The Roughnecks’ schedule has been questionable, however, and the only undefeated team feels like it is only right to be at the top of the power rankings. 

2. Houston Roughnecks (4-1) ↓1

The Roughnecks based on point differential still deserve to be in the conversation for the top spot, as they are at a +60, which is the best in the XFL. The Roughnecks’ point differential may be a little inflated due to having two games against the winless Guardians. Houston did lose to the Sea Dragons, which also makes it hard to put Houston above Seattle, but the point differential and ending of that game does it for me and for now Houston will be higher. 

 3. Seattle Sea Dragons (3-2) ↑1

The Sea Dragons were hosting the undefeated Roughnecks, and were able to hand them their first loss. The Sea Dragons have been rising up the boards almost every week and they now have the third best point differential with +14. Despite having the head to head, Seattle is at that +14 while Houston is at a +60 point differential. THey also have an extra win and so the Roughnecks will remain higher for now.

4. St. Louis Battlehawks (3-2) ↓1

The Battlehawks took their second loss of the season to the same team in the Defenders. St. Louis does still have a positive point differential, but it is just at a plus four. The Battlehawks do not feel like the team we saw at the start of the season and are fighting for second in the division with Seattle at this point, halfway through the regular season. 

5. Arlington Renegades (3-2) ↑1

The Renegades did not have the most pretty win, but they got the win this weekend against the Brahmas. This bumps them up a spot over that opponent, but not enough to be bumped above the other 3-2 teams. Arlington still has a negative point differential despite a winning record at -17. I still feel their record is not indicative of their performance on the field.

6. San Antonio Brahmas (1-4) ↓1

The Brahmas lost to the Renegades this past weekend and dropped down a spot. They still have a better point differential than Arlington at a minus five, but two less wins and not having the head to head results in a San Antonio drop in the rankings. I feel the opposite still about the Brahmas than I do the Renegades, where the performance of San Antonio on the field is a bit better than their record shows.

7. Vegas Vipers (1-4) 

The Vipers were able to get their first win of the season, but it was against the worst team in the XFL. Vegas has the second worst point differential at a -29, and has a lot of ground to make up being halfway through the season. The Vipers don’t move in the rankings despite their win, but Vegas should be pleased with finally getting that first of the season no matter the opponent. 

 8. Orlando Guardians (0-5)

Orlando took on the Vipers to see who would get their first win of the season, and could not quite pull it out. They remain winless with one of those losses being to a 1-4 team. The Guardians have a -71 point differential, which is by far the worst in the league. The biggest reason for is having the most points allowed this season in the XFL.


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