XFL Power Rankings Post Week 4

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XFL Power Rankings Post Week 4


XFL Power Rankings Post Week 4


1. Houston Roughnecks (4-0) 

I do question the strength of the Roughnecks’ schedule up to this point, but Houston has looked dominant in all of their games played. The Roughnecks still have the most points for and the fewest points allowed this season, granting the best point differential in the XFL to this point at +67. The next closest team is the undefeated Defenders at +36, who also have played an 0-4 team twice. The Roughnecks just win, and do it in a dominant fashion, so they keep hold of the top spot. 

2. DC Defenders (4-0)

The Defenders have played an 0-4 team twice, but also have quality wins against the Battlehawks and Sea Dragons. DC has yet to lose a game and sit at a +36 point differential. Still not enough to beat out the Roughnecks, but the impressive numbers keep the Defenders at the number two spot in my XFL power rankings. 

3. St. Louis Battlehawks (3-1)

The Battlehawks have a +12 point differential, better than any other team below them on the list. The St. Louis Battlehawks sold out home crowd got to see a win this past weekend, bringing their team to 3-1, with the only loss to the undefeated Defenders. That rematch will be coming up in week five, but for now St. Louis sits behind DC at the number three spot. 

4. Seattle Sea Dragons (2-2) ↑1

The game was still slow starting, but the Sea Dragons put together a much better game against the Brahmas compared to previous weeks. The defense is what shined in this one for Seattle, earning them their second win of the season. The Sea Dragons have a plus seven point differential, which is fourth best in the league, in turn getting them to the just-above-average slot in the power rankings.

5. San Antonio Brahmas (1-3) ↓1

The Brahmas struggled offensively, especially this past weekend, and lost to the Sea Dragons. Still, San Antonio is at just a minus three point differential, better than the teams lower on the list. The Brahmas lost to Seattle, bumping them down to the spot under them, but I still value the Brahmas more than the Renegades despite having an extra loss due to the point differential and close games.

6. Arlington Renegades (2-2)

The Renegades struggled this week in a hostile environment, and found another loss on the season. The only two wins Arlington has were very close games, and in turn they have a -19 point differential. The Renegades have the second least points for this season, showing just how hard it has been for them to move the ball with consistency. They may have another win than the Brahmas do but have a much worse point differential, so they stay below them at the sixth spot. 

7. Vegas Vipers (0-4) 

The Vipers did not look like they belonged in the same class as the Defenders, and they won’t be on this list as they sit near the bottom. Vegas is still searching for their first win of the season going into week five, and will be doing so with a defense giving up the second most points this season. The Vipers have a -32 point differential, which is second worst in the league, only beating Orlando out. 

8. Orlando Guardians (0-4)

The Guardians needed something to change fast and it wasn’t done. Now in a ten-game season, they sit without a win going into week five, so they would have to win out to get a winning record. The Guardians have the least points for in the league, and have the most points allowed across XFL teams. Being at the bottom of both categories puts them at a league worst -68 point differential and the bottom of the power rankings. 


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