The Best Fantasy Football Landing Spots for Rookie Tight Ends

The Best Fantasy Football Landing Spots for Rookie Tight Ends

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The Best Fantasy Football Landing Spots for Rookie Tight Ends


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The NFL offseason is one of the most fun experiences for dynasty football players because they get to experience team building in a way that only real general manager’s get to experience. It’s the time to work some trades and build for the future through the draft. Dynasty players scout rookies, so often you’d think they were actually hired by an NFL franchise! Along with scouting a player’s individual talent, we also scout their respective teams who draft them and pinpoint the best situations for the players to be a part of. Some teams help boost a player’s value, while other teams limit it. Here are some of the best landing spots for the tight ends in the 2023 NFL Draft class. 


Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders recently shipped off Darren Waller, who was a focal point of this offense over the past four years. This team is adept at utilizing the tight end position and have a hole to fill to complete this offense. The Raiders have also moved on from Derek Carr and acquired a more handsome version of Carr in Jimmy Garoppolo. Garoppolo is experienced in targeting the tight ends position, as he helped fuel George Kittle into the fantasy superstar that he is today. When you combine the Raiders experience with tight ends as well as Garoppolo’s familiarity with the position, you create a recipe for success. Any tight end could immediately be a valuable fantasy asset on this team. 

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have tried to use Mike Gesicki in the pass game, but things simply haven’t worked out like they’d hoped. Gesicki is no longer on the team, which means the Dolphins are in need of a starting tight end. This offense has clearly evolved with the help of coach Mike McDaniel and receiver Tyreek Hill, but this offense still has plenty of room to grow. A rookie tight end would have an easy job in Miami, as Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle draw the defense towards themselves, leaving the middle of the field open. It’s hard to see a tight end being absolutely elite in this offense, as I believe Tua Tagovailoa has limited upside. Yet with the current state of the tight end market, a rookie tight end on the Dolphins could immediately step into the top 10 conversation.  


Detroit Lions

Similarly to the Dolphins, the Lions also have an evolving offense which has grown tremendously over the past season. And similar to the Raiders, the Lions traded their star tight end T.J. Hockenson, leaving room for a new star to emerge. The Lions recognized Hockenson’s talent, but were reluctant to give him the monster contract he sought. A rookie tight end would fit the need for the Lions to fill the position with a lower impact to the salary cap, and this tight end could step into the role originally intended for Hockenson. Jared Goff doesn’t have a very strong arm but makes up for it by being careful with his ball placement and targeting the middle of the field in short yardage attempts. His play has helped Amon-Ra St. Brown grow tremendously, and a similar route tree would be given to this tight end. Goff would have two targets eating up the middle of the field, both a tight end and St. Brown could help each other benefit from single coverage in mismatch situations all season long.  


Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are a great landing spot for any and every offensive position because they have no talent on that side of the ball. They undoubtedly will take a quarterback with the first overall pick in the draft, but will need to get some playmakers to throw to as well.  The Panthers recently signed Hayden Hurst from the Cincinnati Bengals, who is a great fit, but Hurst has been replaced time and time again in the NFL and that’s likely to repeat once more. Hurst is good, but has been shipped away twice now after losing his job to Mark Andrews and later Kyle Pitts. Hurst could be a great mentor for a new tight end to eventually take over; a new tight end would be able to grow with the rookie quarterback over the years.


Cincinnati Bengals

As previously mentioned, Hayden Hurst is no longer a Bengal.  Hurst left to obtain a contract value greater than what the Bengals felt comfortable offering, but that being said, the Bengals openly claimed they wished to retain Hurst once more. His aid in the pass game will be missed, but can be replaced with a rookie in this draft class. We know Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins will dominate in this passing offense, but there’s plenty more to go around! Hurst had the 13th most receptions among tight ends despite missing three games last season as well as having another game canceled. Joe Burrow was fifth in passing yards and second in passing touchdowns in 2022, any pass catcher attached to Burrow is immediately a high-value player. 


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