Sports Bucket List Venues/ Events: Part 2

Sports Bucket List Venues/ Events: Part 2


Sports Bucket List Venues/ Events: Part 2


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Following up with the article from earlier this week, here is part two of my sports bucket list events/venues. 

Yankees vs Red Sox

The best rivalry in baseball has some instant classic games when the two of the best teams in MLB history go head-to-head. The Yankees lead this series by over 200 games all time, as the Yankees took the last game 2-0 in New York. Both these teams have top 10 ballparks, the Yankees have Yankee Stadium that replaced the most famous stadium in sports. Yankee Stadium opened in 2009 and seats 49,642 people, the short porch (short wall) in right field is one of the most notable things about this stadium. The Yankees organization did something all MLB front offices should do, they incorporated the city’s skyline into the view for the stadium, making it that much better. The Red Sox also have many great things about Fenway Park, the most notable being the Big Green Monster in left field. The Big Green Monster is almost 40-foot tall and is just a sight to see. The New Englanders all join together to sing Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” and it is so beautiful, so no matter what ballpark you’re watching it at, you’re in for a treat. 

Stanley Cup Playoffs

The NHL playoffs are fighting March Madness for the title of the best playoffs in sports, and the fan bases of the NHL teams definitely help. Unlike March Madness, the seven game series are held at the higher seed’s home rink and NHL fans know how to get a party going. From the playoff beard, to the goal songs and horns, all that with a sold-out hockey arena is just out of this world. The NHL plays a sudden death overtime that has everyone in the arena on the edge of their seats and holding their breath at each shot taken. The NHL playoffs are the best playoffs in sports and something everyone, not just hockey fans, should witness. 


Army vs Navy

Army vs. Navy football is the most patriotic game of all time. The Army cadets and Navy sailors pack the stands and bring energy to everyone in that stadium. Although the two teams aren’t the best at football, they always matchup well together, especially with both of them always running a triple-option type of offense. But if you’re going to this game, you’re not going for the football, you’re going for the environment. Both teams/students join in doing the “Tsunami” chant as they jump around and wave around their hands with the music. When I went to this game a couple of years ago, the “Tsunami” chant made the entire stadium shake, it was awesome. Army vs. Navy is the number one college football game to watch in person, and it isn’t even for the teams playing. 


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