Mid-March 2023 NHL Power Rankings

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Mid-March 2023 NHL Power Rankings


Mid-March 2023 NHL Power Rankings

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16. New York Islanders (⬆3)

Average Rank: 15.33 (14,16,16)

Ilya Sorokin has been dragging the Islanders into a wild card slot all season long. Bo Horvat was a welcome addition at the deadline, but clearly, he alone wasn’t enough to push this team over the edge. Sorokin has done wonders for them this season, but like his New York counterpart Igor Shesterkin, how far can he really carry this team?

17. Nashville Predators (⬆3)

Average Rank: 17 (Unanimous)

Even after being an aggressive seller at the trade deadline, the Predators still remain in the fight to try and make a playoff spot. The numbers definitely don’t favor them. And it doesn’t help that the Calgary Flames have been cooking to try and beat them out to achieve that final wildcard spot.

18. Calgary Flames (⬆1)

Average Rank: 18.67 (18,18,20)

The Calgary Flames are only three points behind the Winnipeg Jets for the second wildcard spot. Every game matters for them now more than ever down the stretch. It’s going to take a lot to go wait for the Flames, but they just aren’t out of the race yet.

19. Florida Panthers (⬆3)

Average Rank: 18.67 (18,19,19)

As usual, Florida and Calgary are tied at the hip this year. The Panthers, just like the Flames, or just three points behind the Islanders for the final playoff spot in the East. Barkov has finally stepped up his game which has helped them stay in the mix.

20. Buffalo Sabres (⬇5)

Average Rank: 20.67 (19,21,22)

Although the Sabres have really dropped the ball the past couple of games, no one is truly out of the playoff mix in the Eastern Conference. Alex Tuch returning to the lineup will be a huge audition for them as they have a lot to prove if they want to finally break their playoff drought. 

21. Washington Capitals (⬆2)

Average Rank: 20.67 (20,20,22)

The capitals have already waived the white flag on the season, but there is still hope for them to try and make a semblance of a playoff push. Washington doesn’t have the depth they would like to make a serious run in the postseason season but another playoff appearance never hurt anybody.

22. Ottawa Senators (⬇1)

Average Rank: 21.67 (21,21,23)

Jakob Chychrun seems like the missing puzzle piece that would push Ottawa over the edge. But unfortunately for this season, it doesn’t look like he alone will get them into the playoffs. The Senators have lost a lot of key games to poor opponents, which has put them farther out of making the playoffs, than squeaking in.

23. Detroit Red Wings (⬇6)

Average Rank: 22.67 (22,23,23)

Dylan Larkin earned his bag and got the extension he in the Red Wings wanted. But going into next season, Steve Yzerman has a lot of work to do to try and put some high-end talent around their captain. They made nice strides this year to try and make the roster a bit more competitive. But if they want to be serious, moving forward, they are going to need some costars for Dylan Larkin.

24. St. Louis Blues (⬆1)

Average Rank: 24.33 (24,24,25)

After the trade deadline, the St. Louis blues got some serious assets to push their re-tool along. With their current place and assets and tow, they are looking to have a huge off-season to push them over the hump next season.

25. Vancouver Canucks (⬆2)

Average Rank: 25 (24,25,26)

The Canucks have strung together five straight wins. Rick Tocchet seems to finally be settling in with his new team, especially after the tumultuous season the Canucks have had. They too, like the Blues, have a big off-season coming, which will set them on the course for what their future may look like in the coming years.

26. Philadelphia Flyers (⬇2)

Average Rank: 26 (25,26,27)

The Flyers fired Chuck Fletcher and moved Danny Briere in his stead temporarily. Brianna has stated that the flyers are looking towards a much-needed rebuild that they have been avoiding. Although nothing is 100% clear in Philadelphia, at least they finally have a sense of direction after years of having none. 

27. Arizona Coyotes (⬆1)

Average Rank: 26.67 (26,27,27)

If someone told us at the beginning of the season that someone would outdo Arizona for the best tank job in the league, we wouldn’t believe them. But now it’s crazy to imagine. There are five even worse teams than the Coyotes in the standings. Insanity.

28. Montreal Canadiens (⬇2) 

Average Rank: 28 (Unanimous)

It’s no secret that the Montréal Canadiens have had the worst injury luck in the league this season. A young squad with tons of potential in a development year has turned more into a “can we seriously land Bedard?”

29. Anaheim Ducks (⬆2)

Average Rank: 29 (Unanimous)

The Anaheim Ducks with all the assets they added, this off-season did a rather poor job at the trade deadline to sell anyone other than John Klingberg. Sure, they have a ton of young talent on the team and in the pipeline, but more draft picks and prospects never hurt a team who is still deep in the rebuild.

30. Chicago Blackhawks (No Change)

Average Rank: 30 (Unanimous)

Is there really much to say about Chicago at this point? We know they clearly want Connor Bedard just like everyone else. But after trading Kane and getting almost nothing in return, is there really much else to talk about?

31. San Jose Sharks (⬇2) 

Average Rank: 31.33 (31,31,32)

The Sharks after trading Timo Meier, have checked their taking into high gear. The goaltending has been absolutely atrocious and has resulted in him falling in the standings. And yet still one team remains worse than everyone else.

32. Columbus Blue Jackets (No Change)

Average Rank: 31.67 (31,32,32)

If it wasn’t for the lottery, the Columbus Blue Jackets would most likely land Connor Bedard without question. But that’s not how it works. Unfortunately for Columbus their time isn’t now to compete like it was a couple of seasons ago. But with Johnny Gaudreau, Patrik Laine, and their slough of young talent, they have a lot of promise, especially if they land Connor Bedard.


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