Darius Rush Scouting Report

Darius Rush Scouting Report

2023 NFL Draft

Darius Rush Scouting Report


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CB Darius Rush, South Carolina (6-2, 200, #28)

Career Stats: 29 Games Played, 75 tackles, 5 TFL, sack, three interceptions, 15 breakups, forced fumble | 69 targets, 35 receptions, 668 yards, five touchdowns, 95.6 QBR allowed in coverage. 

Rush was the senior bowl MVP and it’s incredibly deserved. To start at 6-2/200 he was one of the fastest in Mobile showing his athletic nature. He’s a tall, long, and lengthy corner that keeps his leverage well in both man and zone coverage. Plays the ball well in the air and does a good job coming down with jump ball situations. Rush plays incredibly physically and given his size advantage it’s smart. He’s willing to come up and tackle in the run game while also using leverage and size to dominate receivers at the line of scrimmage. Better man cover corner than in zone but effective both ways. Will drive well onto the ball when in the air while also playing the receiver. Rush likely will end up mainly in a zone scheme due to his ability to simply play well with high instincts and it negates his flaws well. Rush doesn’t play well when beat and tends to get grabby while also simply being beat. Tends to only push the inside shoulder in press and try to win outside which he can’t at times. Willing to tackler but it’s super consistent, tends to whiff on angles. 

Rush was a huge standout at the Senior Bowl and really shows his refined traits in man coverage while continuing to dominate as a zone cover corner. Rush also changed his press ability and won more consistently. There were strong incentives from the Senior Bowl but flaws still remain and the biggest is his lack of consistency in coverage and run defense. There’s potential he could slide into the slot as a power corner. 

Round Grade: Early 4th Round


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