Best Duos in the MLB Entering 2023

Best Duos in the MLB Entering 2023


Best Duos in the MLB Entering 2023


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5. Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout- Los Angeles Angels 

This is the greatest duo of all time when you glance at it. It’s deeper than that, though. The two don’t really have much success together and can’t even make the playoffs. They’re extremely fun to watch though, and if they ever come to town, you make sure you do whatever is possible to go and see them play. If the Angels could somehow keep Ohtani this season and make the playoffs, they could move up higher on this list.

4. Fernando Tatis Jr, Manny Machado- San Diego Padres 

This duo is like bread and butter. They both have that swag you can see from a mile away. They just look different on the field. They make the game look so easy. If Tatis stays on the field this season, this tandem will be a must-watch. Tatis will be in the outfield this season and that should help with preventing injuries. I can’t wait to see the two back on the field together.


3. Xander Boegarts, Juan Soto- San Diego Padres 

The Padres just aren’t fair. How can you have two of the best duos in the league and some of the greatest talents in all of baseball on one team? Nobody knows, but they made it work and aren’t scared to spend money to do so. I put these two together as a duo because they’re a bit newer to the team, and I think that will give them more of a connection. Later on in the season, you could consider this a four-headed dragon if you wanted.


2. Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman- Los Angeles Dodgers 

Betts and Freeman are must-see TV in Los Angeles. They’re both MVP candidates every year, and it seems like they’re always over-achieving. I don’t see the two slowing down anytime soon. The Dodgers are lucky to have these two share the field together.


The Best Duo In Baseball: 

Paul Goldschmidt, Nolan Arenado- St. Louis Cardinals 

To me, this was a no-brainer. Two of the best in the league, and they’re on the opposite corners of each other making plays each game. Arenado is a fly trap, perhaps the best fielding third baseman of all time, and Goldschmidt is no slouch in the field either. The real magic is them mashing in the lineup together and carrying the Cardinals offense. These two could easily be one and two in MVP voting at the end of the season.


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