Top Senior Bowl QB Game Performances


Top Senior Bowl QB Game Performances


Top Senior Bowl QB Game Performances


The Senior Bowl has come to a close and it was a great chance for NFL teams to get up close and personal with some quarterback prospects. With more of a focus on their actual game performances, these are the quarterbacks who participated in the game ranked based on their Senior Bowl performance. 

5. Max Duggan

The TCU quarterback Max Duggan looked great all season and so I was intrigued to see what he would put together in the Senior Bowl. Sadly, he was in large part a disappointment, struggling in the days of practice and not really making up for it in the game itself. In his smaller sample size in the game, he had the lowest completion percentage, yards, and average yards per attempt. In a week where I thought he could raise his draft stock, it did not seem to be the case. 

4. Malik Cunningham

I had a hard time ranking the former Louisville quarterback because he did have a pretty good week in practice, and looked good running the ball as a dual threat. Cunningham had the most limited sample size when it came to passing out of all the quarterbacks, and had the most yards per attempt passing. He had a rushing touchdown off of a fumbled snap, where you may look at the fact he fumbled the snap or the fact he was able to improvise and take it in. The main reason Malik Cunningham got shot down my rankings is that he did throw an interception, and given how limited his sample size was, it  is not great to see an interception on just five passing attempts. 

3. Clayton Tune

Clayton Tune, the former Houston quarterback, had a more average game, but had some buzz around his name this past week. Nothing crazy good or bad happened for Tune when it came to game time, as he had no touchdowns but also no interceptions. He had a very good completion percentage and ended up with 70 yards and 5.8 yards per pass attempt. Clayton Tune took care of the ball, which is great to see, but did not show big flashes that I think would raise his draft stock drastically. 

2. Tyson Bagent

The smaller school Sheperd quarterback Tyson Bagent had the largest sample size out of any quarterback, and looked really good. Bagent showcased a massive arm all week in practice, and it showed up in the game. Bagent had the best completion percentage in the game amongst the quarterbacks, and a solid 6.3 yards per pass attempt. He did not look elusive in the pocket by any means, but his big arm to get the ball down the field was there. His inexperience showed itself with one interception, but he did make the most pass attempts.

1. Jake Haener

The MVP of the Senior Bowl game gets the first spot for me, as the former Fresno State quarterback Jake Haener looked great. Although his numbers look similar to Tyson Bagent’s on the other team, Haener did have one passing touchdown and no interceptions in comparison. He had a better average of 7.3 yards per pass attempt to help his team to a pretty dominant victory.


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