Top Landing Spot For The Top 30 2023 NFL Free Agents


Top Landing Spot For The Top 30 2023 NFL Free Agents


Top Landing Spot For The Top 30 2023 NFL Free Agents

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The 2023 NFL offseason is about to be in full swing, and that starts with the free agency period. There are plenty of big names set to hit the market on both offense and defense. NFL analysts Marissa Myers, Matt Levine, and Nader Assaf give the top ones and predict a landing spot for each!


1-Josh Jacobs: Las Vegas Raiders

I know, it’s a boring answer. But after the season that Jacobs had, the Raiders would be fools to let him walk. I could see them franchise tagging him and seeing if he can replicate the season. I’m normally against paying running backs but if Vegas is able to work out some sort of deal that works for both sides then they should go for it. If not, they get one more season of Jacobs and can see what they can achieve.

2- Saquon Barkley: New York Giants

I think Barkley has to go back to the Giants after the season they just had. They could franchise tag him or give him a new deal so they have options. The Giants owe it to themselves to see what Barkley has again next season. New York won a playoff game without many offensive weapons so imagine what they could do if they actually got some alongside Barkley.

3-Lamar Jackson: Baltimore Ravens 

The Ravens would be dumb to let Jackson walk. The former league MVP is far too valuable to this franchise for them to have to find a new quarterback. Baltimore is a contender right now and they know it. Jackson gives this team a strong window to win. Please be smart Baltimore.

4-Derek Carr: New York Jets

This is all contingent on what Aaron Rodgers wants to do of course. If Rodgers wants to head to New York, Carr will be left out to dry by the Jets. Carr can still be a productive quarterback in this league and just needs to the right situation to succeed. The Jets could provide him with a youthful team on the rise. His veteran leadership could be good for them as well. It’s kind of a perfect match except for well…the Rodgers issue.

5-Tony Pollard: Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys know that the days of Ezekiel Elliott in Dallas could be numbered so they must do what they can to re-sign Pollard. He showed what he could do this past season and was a valuable member to this football team. Dallas needs a strong running game to be successful and Pollard could be the lead back come next season.

6-Mike Gesicki: Cincinnati Bengals

Gesicki wasn’t used much in the Dolphins offensive schemes and unfortunately so. He is a very good pass catcher and if utilized correctly, could really bring pop to an offense. I know a lot of Bengal fans want Hayden Hurst back but Gesicki could bring the offense of Cincinnati to  another level. Imagine him surrounded by Ja’Marr Chase, Tee Higgins, and Tyler Boyd. It would be scary hours for defenses.

7-Dalton Schultz: New York Giants

What better way to add a solid offensive weapon to the mix and steal that player from a division rival? Schultz will likely be a highly wanted player on the market and I expect him to either go to Chicago or New York. But assuming he wants to win sooner rather than later, he picks the Giants.

8-Orlando Brown: Kansas City Chiefs

Despite all the criticism that Brown has received, he was incredible in the Super Bowl. The entire Kansas City offensive line was in fact so why break that up. The Chiefs understand just how important having a strong offensive line is so I  have a hard time seeing them losing Brown in free agency.

9-Andre Dillard: Tennessee Titans

The Titans just cut veteran tackle Taylor Lewan and will need someone to replace him. Why not Dillard? They saved themselves a ton of money by making some cuts and now can spend on their offensive line by getting a younger player.

10-Mike McGlinchey: Chicago Bears

The Bears have a ton of money to spend this offseason and a need for offensive lineman. Given the injury history of McGlinchey, the 49ers may be okay to let him walk. When healthy, he is a good player and provides real value to his team. I think he could provide Chicago with some needed protection for whomever they have as the quarterback when the season kicks off.

11-JuJu Smith-Schuster: Kansas City Chiefs

Smith-Schuster helped the Chiefs win the Super Bowl and looked comfortable playing for them. I expect him to return to Kansas City as the team goes for a potential back-to-back title.

12-D.J. Chark: Baltimore Ravens

If the Ravens are serious about winning, they first sign quarterback Lamar Jackson back and then get him some receiving weapons. Chark had over 500 yards last season for the Detroit Lions and would provide Baltimore with another pass catching option alongside tight end Mark Andrews and wide receiver Rashod Bateman. The Ravens brought in a new offensive coordinator in Todd Monken to help the offense so Chark could be a nice option for Baltimore without fully breaking the bank.

13-David Montgomery: Buffalo Bills

Buffalo clearly needs an upgrade at the running back position and Montgomery could help with that. While they do have second year player James Cook, the team could use a more veteran guy to lead the two back system. Montgomery has shown flashes of greatness before so the Bills could be getting a really nice piece to the puzzle. He would likely cost more than they have but they should be able to move things around if they really want to bring him in.

14-Jimmy Garoppolo: Houston Texans

The Texans will likely be drafting their future franchise quarterback but bringing in Garoppolo to be the bridge until the new quarterback is ready could be a smart move for this organization. Whomever the rookie is could learn from Garoppolo and Garoppolo would give new head coach DeMeco Ryans a nice veteran that he could lean on.

15-Ethan Pocic: Cleveland Browns

Pocic was one of the better centers that didn’t get a ton of attention. I think he stays in Cleveland as they continue to use a strong offensive line to help run their offense.


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