Three NBA Trade Ideas Before The Deadline

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Three NBA Trade Ideas Before The Deadline


Three NBA Trade Ideas Before The Deadline


The NBA trade deadline is fast approaching and we have already seen a few trades go through. Between now and this Thursday, there will be moves made as teams examine themselves and see just how far they want to go all in. With that being said, there are moves that make sense for teams and some that don’t. Here are a few trades that I’d like to see take place before the deadline passes.

1. Kyle Lowry heads to the Clippers

The Clippers need help at the point guard position. Their offseason signing of John Wall hasn’t quite panned out and they need someone who can help run the offense when the game slows down. Lowry makes perfect sense here as he is a veteran and has experience working with Kawhi Leonard during their time in Toronto. While Lowry isn’t the same player that he once was, he can still be a capable piece to a team that is loaded with talent. Lowry would help solve some issues that the Clippers team has and then some. I’d expect Los Angeles to possibly make another small move to round things out but Lowry makes a ton of sense here.

2. Fred VanVleet lands with the Nets

After trading away Kyrie Irving, the Nets are left with Kevin Durant as their lone star. While Durant is good enough to keep this team competitive, their dreams of a title aren’t very good at this time. They have some nice pieces surrounding him but they need more. Enter in the Toronto Raptors. They have made it clear that they are open for business so Brooklyn should look to take advantage. If they can get VanVleet from Toronto, he could be form a nice paring with Durant. While he isn’t on the same level as Irving, he would be a great get for this Nets team that is still looking to compete during this season.

3. A Russell Westbrook trade of any kind, minus trading both first round picks

At this point, it’s been almost two years with the name Westbrook in trade rumors for the Los Angeles Lakers. They need to move him at this point. After losing out on Kyrie Irving, the Lakers are reportedly looking at other potential deals and if I’m Los Angeles, I make a deal of some kind. They shouldn’t trade both of their available first round picks unless they can get a star player back but one of them should be enough. Westbrook is an expiring contract and he hasn’t played too horrible this season. Deals with the Utah Jazz, Toronto Raptors, and Charlotte Hornets have been talked about.

In all likelihood, the Lakers won’t be resigning Westbrook so getting something for his large contract is the best course of action. They then could always package some of the players they get in a deal over the offseason to really upgrade the roster. It just makes too much sense. The two sides of Westbrook and the Lakers need to part ways and for both of their sakes, I hope it finally happens over the next few days.


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