Sydney Brown Scouting Report

Sydney Brown Scouting Report

2023 NFL Draft

Sydney Brown Scouting Report


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SAF Sydney Brown, Illinois (5-10, 200, #30)

Career Stats: 50 Games Played, 320 Tackles, 10 TFL, two sacks, 10 interceptions, 19 breakups, fumble recovery, four forced fumbles, two touchdowns, 78 defensive stops | 146 targets, 88 receptions, 1252 yards, 10 touchdowns, 84.6 QBR allowed

Brown is a former track athlete, finishing as a 400m, 4x400m, 4x100m finalist in Florida. Does a great job in small subtle breaks and is willing to really drive around the field at his own speed. Stood out in an ELITE Illinois defense, which states a lot. Can slide into the nickel, work at outside corner along with free, strong and high safety. Undersized frame does cause struggles with tackling and winning vs lineman at the LOS on outside run plays. Tackles well and willing to lower his shoulder and drive a hit into the backs chest. Hips and ankles are super fluid in coverage, keeping head on a swivel. Great instincts and consistently reads the quarterback’s eyes. 

Covers grass as a safety and diagnoses route concepts well. Attacks the ball in the air and keeps his focus on the receiver as well. Strong backpedal allows him to get deep quickly and then jump up on the ball when needed. Undersized frame is the biggest standout and it causes concerns with him in space. He struggles to run with tight ends in space and can get pushed around in deep concepts. Needs to control aggressive triggers and not risk flying around almost head hunting at a point. 

Brown stood out at the Senior Bowl in individual drills and the game itself. Going back to look at the film it’s clear that he is an underrated prospect right now. Brown at worst will be a good starting slot corner but his ceiling ranges anywhere from consistent top safety to All-Pro caliber. He’s athletic, instinctive and overall just a well rounded prospect. Each team is likely going to view him different in terms of positional fit. 

Round Grade: Early 3rd Round, Late 2nd Round

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