Pre-Free Agency New York Jets Seven-Round 2023 Mock Draft


Pre-Free Agency New York Jets Seven-Round 2023 Mock Draft

2023 NFL Draft

Pre-Free Agency New York Jets Seven-Round 2023 Mock Draft



It was a great start to the 2022 season for the New York Jets. They went into their bye week 6-3 with playoff hopes, after the bye was a different story, winning only one more game the rest of the season to finish 7-10. After having a successful draft last year to launch their team like they did this season, the Jets will hope to do so again in 2023. With some uncertainty at quarterback, and being out of a spot to grab either C.J. Stroud or Bryce Young, the Jets could look in free agency to get a veteran quarterback. Going that route, these are the players the Jets should look at to continue building their future contending team. 

*Mock Draft simulated using the PFF Mock Draft Simulator, no trades. 


Round One-  Paris Johnson Jr., Tackle, Ohio State

With uncertainty surrounding Mekhi Becton and George Fant being a free agent, the Jets need to add to the tackle spot on the offensive line. On the board, Paris Johnson Jr. was there, and he is exactly what the Jets need. Johnson is a true leader on the field, and he plays with a competitive mindset to where he doesn’t let go of defenders until the whistle. His great length leads to him not having to lunge at all to latch on to defenders. He pairs that with his great strength to move them in the run game, or drive them back in pass protection. His movement is also top-notch, as he has nimble footwork that allows him to get to the second level effortlessly. This past season in his first full season at left tackle he only allowed two sacks and 14 pressures, and the two sacks didn’t come until the games against Michigan and Georgia. Johnson would provide a boost for this offensive line. 

Round Two- JL Skinner, Safety, Boise State 

It was not a great season for Lamarcus Joyner as he was constantly beaten deep, allowing 15 yards per reception in 2022. Joyner is set to be a free agent, and the Jets need someone more reliable alongside Jordan Whitehead. That player is JL Skinner out of Boise State. Last season, Skinner only allowed 17 receptions on 32 targets for 176 yards and one touchdown, while also hauling in four interceptions. He has been good in coverage due to his awareness to read plays and has the closing burst to stop the play. At 6’4, 211 pounds, Skinner is also extremely willing to come downhill and stop the run, as he made 70 run stops over his career. The Jets got a future star for their secondary in Sauce Gardner last year, now they get another in Skinner. 


Round Three- Luke Wypler, Center, Ohio State

The Jets could be losing some interior offensive line depth and even starters as Connor McGovern, Dan Feeney, and Nate Herbig are set to be free agents. To help strengthen this center spot is the pick of Luke Wypler. Between 2021 and 2022 where Wypler was the starter, he only allowed one sack and a total of 16 pressures. Wypler plays with excellent hand placement, moves upfield quickly with his underrated athleticism, and generates good push in pass protection and the run game. Wypler is polished and would provide good depth or even competition for the starting job. 


Round Four- Henry To’oTo’o, Linebacker, Alabama 

Quincy Williams and Kwon Alexander are set to be free agents, providing a potential massive need at linebacker. Henry To’oTo’o is someone the Jets could rely on to take over a starting role in the middle of the field right away. To’oTo’o plays with a great feel in coverage, being able to run routes with receivers underneath and stay with them due to his speed. That speed is also evident when he comes downhill against the run or even as a blitzer. To’oTo’o does an impressive job of shedding blocks, this led to 43 pressures and eight sacks over four seasons. A big thing too is he showed improvement in coverage last season, allowing only 236 yards over 29 receptions and zero touchdowns. That improvement shows To’oTo’o hasn’t reached his ceiling yet, and will continue to improve with the Jets learning from Robert Saleh. 


Round Five- Xavier Hutchinson, Wide Receiver, Iowa State

Corey Davis isn’t getting any younger, and another wide receiver will have to step up in the future, so why not get a playmaker to learn and develop until then. Xavier Hutchinson is an extremely well-rounded receiver, playing and excelling both outside and in the slot. Hutchinson has an incredible catch radius where he is capable of hauling in off-target throws, proving to be a reliable target for his quarterback. His size allows him to easily defeat jams at the line of scrimmage, and to further help with this, he has precise route running to avoid it at the line altogether. He is coming off a 2022 season in which he had 1,171 yards, 447 yards after the catch, six touchdowns, 14 contested catches, and 62 first downs created over 107 receptions. Hutchinson will become a valuable receiver over time for the team.


Round Six- Warren McClendon, Tackle, Georgia 

More offensive line depth is never a bad thing, especially after the line allowed 42 sacks and 160 pressures in 2022. McClendon would provide adequate depth with his ability to play with natural leverage, good awareness to pick up stunts, and balance to hold up in pass protection. McClendon isn’t exactly nimble to mirror quicker edge rushers, leading to them being able to get by occasionally when he can’t get set early. McClendon still has areas to work on, but showed promise over the past two seasons, allowing no sacks and 16 pressures over 1,517 snaps at right tackle.


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