Is the Pitch Clock Good or Bad for Major League Baseball?

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Is the Pitch Clock Good or Bad for Major League Baseball?


Is the Pitch Clock Good or Bad for Major League Baseball?


Baseball is back! With Spring Training games officially underway it gives us baseball fans a glimpse of the new rules that are set to go into effect. For starters, the bases are now going to be 18-square inches instead of 15. The free runner on second base within extra innings is now permanent and perhaps the biggest rule change is the pace of play. A pitch clock has been introduced and is supposed to speed up the pace of play with the pitcher needing 15 seconds to pitch the ball, 20 seconds with a runner on base and the hitter only getting to step out of the plate once. Plus, pitchers can only attempt to pick off a runner on base once. So, with all of these new rule changes and with this new pitch clock in particular, I analyze and explain whether or not the pace of play is good or bad for Major League Baseball.

Having watched a couple of spring training games already with this new pitch clock now in effect, it has me realizing how these new rules are ruining the sport, at least in my eyes. For example, the San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners game this past weekend only lasted 2 hours and 29 minutes and the Texas Rangers and Kansas City Royals game only lasted 2 hours and 33 minutes. That is a big difference from how a typical game is played which is a little over three hours. So the game of play will slow down dramatically which I think is bad for the sport. Baseball is all about sitting back, whether you’re at the game or on TV and enjoy it and now it feels like the games are being rushed.

Another factor would be how it would come into play in crucial spots in games. One example came from the Atlanta Braves and Boston Red Sox game from the weekend where Atlanta had the bases loaded with two outs. The batter at the player took too long to get back into the hitter’s box and was called for strike three, thus ending the inning and game. If this were to happen in a regular season or worse, a playoff game then there would be major criticism and backlash.

My concern about this new pitch clock is that it will hurt the overall quality of play. I understand that baseball games tend to go on for quite some time and in some cases, over three hours, but rushing the game could have a major effect. Not only on players but coaches and even the fans which is why so far, I’m against the new clock.     


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