Under the Radar MLB Free Agent Signings: Something, Nothing, or Everything

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Under the Radar MLB Free Agent Signings: Something, Nothing, or Everything


Under the Radar MLB Free Agent Signings: Something, Nothing, or Everything

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We saw a ton of star free agents sign for incredible amounts of money during the height of MLB free agency. But every season, there are smaller moves made that fall under the rader. These can either be something, nothing, or everything to a team as the season comes along. Matt Levine and Logan Fulmer break down some of the smaller moves that could or could not have impacts on how the season turns out.

Justin Turner: Boston Red Sox for two-years, $21.7 million: Everything

It’s actually hard to imagine Turner wearing anything but Dodger blue but that will be the case for this coming season. He leaves Los Angeles for Boston and will become their primary designated hitter. Turner still has some game to him despite his advanced age. The Red Sox aren’t just getting a good baseball player but a clubhouse leader as well. Turner was the heartbeat of the Dodgers for the last chunk of time and he will help get this Boston sqaud back into shape.


Cody Bellinger: Chicago Cubs for one-year, $17.5 million: Something

The former National League MVP has a new home and could really use a big year before hitting free agency. If Bellinger can fix his swing (again), then maybe, just maybe he can re-kindle some of his 2019 magic. If he does then the Cubs got the value signing of the offseason. Yet, in all likelihood you know what you will get with Bellinger. He will hit some home runs but will strike out a ton as well. This is truly a value signing for the Cubs and if it doesn’t work out, they only have him for a season.


Wil Myers: Cincinnati Reds for one-year, $7.5 million: Nothing/Everything 

This move earned two tags for very different reasons. In the big picture of the MLB this move does nothing, it does not make the Reds contenders or anything close to that. However, from the Cincinnati Reds perspective this move is everything. The Reds needed some help in the outfield and Myers fits perfectly. He will also provide some veteran leadership on this young team and that is priceless. We saw Brandon Drury turn his career around in Cincinnati and that allowed the Reds to trade him at the deadline for a legit prospect and I expect the Reds had that same mindset when it came to signing Wil Myers.


Josh Bell: Cleveland Guardians for two-years, $33 million: Everything

This is one of the best pairings free agency brought to us. Cleveland is known for their pitching and that always seems to carry them, but now they add a legit offensive threat. Yes Josh Bell is not a bonafide all star but he always just produces. He is coming off a year where he hit .266 with 17 homers and 71 RBIs. Cleveland has a ton of high contact, high on base percentage guys in their line up and that forces a ton onto the plate of Jose Ramierez. Now Bell comes in and gives Cleveland another big time producer and should allow for serious offensive improvement.


J.D. Martinez: Los Angeles Dodgers for one-year, $10 million: Everything

It’s not easy to get the everything designation but the signing of Martinez is exactly that for this Dodgers team. He will step in as their primary designated hitter and will bring some pop to this lineup. He is a firery player that bring his all everytime out on the field. He is also re-united with Mookie Betts from their Boston days and hitting coach Robert Van Scoyoc, who he credits for turning his career around. He is going to fit right into this lineup and his numbers will likely go up. One of the best under the rader signings this offseason.


Noah Syndergaard: Los Angeles Dodgers for one-year, $13 million: Something:

The reason that this signing falls into the something category is because we don’t know what version of Syndergaard will show up. The Dodgers have a trend of turning pitchers careers back around so maybe that will be the case. But he clearly isn’t the same pitcher from his dominant days and honestly, he doesn’t need to be for this team. If he can come in and be the third or fourth starter for this team, then this contract works out. He can cash in next offseason while the Dodgers get a nice innings eater and reliable starter.


Tommy Kahnle: New York Yankees for two years, $11.5 million: Something

Kahnle was really good in the Yankees bullpen a few seasons ago but an injury took him out. He joined the Dodgers and only ended up pitching in a few games over two seasons. However, he looked good during his limited time and he landed back in the Bronx this offseason. If he can be even some form of his old self then the Yankees struck gold. Either way, it’s a low risk, high upside type of move for New York


Matt Carpenter: San Diego Padres for two-years, $12 million: Nothing/Something

Carpenter gets two tags here because I generally don’t know how he will be. The former key Cardinals player dropped off before having a mini comeback last season with the Yankees. It’s a low risk deal for San Diego and Carpenter likely won’t play a ton. So it could be good for them to have a veteran like Carpenter on the roster but just a season ago, he was terrible. This really could go either way.


Michael Conforto: San Francisco Giants for two-years, $36 million: Nothing

The Giants felt great after landing Carlos Correa in free agency but that feeling only lasted a week. We all have seen how that situation has played out. After Correa left, the Giants started to sign other players and that is where Conforto comes into the equation. There is no doubt this move could end up being something or even everything for the Giants but until we see anything from Conforto it’s an easy nothing. Michael Conforto missed all of last season for a number of reasons, and now the Giants will be relying on him for a lot and I just do not know if he is ready for that. Baseball is not easy and it makes it even more difficult when you’re overcoming an injury  and have not played in over a calendar year. Conforto might return to his star level play but I am not sure it will be as quickly as the Giants hope


Zach Eflin: Tampa Bay Rays for three-years, $40 million: Something

Zach Eflin was not the biggest name in the free agency class but the Rays clearly saw something they loved in him. The Rays gave him the largest contract in their history for a free agent. Eflin is coming off a solid year where he posted a 4.04 ERA in 13 starts, he also appeared seven times out of the bullpen. These numbers are essentially what he posts every year but the Rays clearly think they can help him reach another level and I do not think we can really question them. The Rays typically are not big spenders, so since they changed that to land Eflin I am expecting an increase in production.


David Robertson: New York Mets for one-year, $10 million: Something 

The 37 year olds best days are behind him but he will still be plenty valuable to the New York Mets. Robertson posted a 2.40 ERA last season in his bounce back year. I doubt we see that production from him but luckily that’s not what the Mets need. The Mets just needed a few solid reliable veteran arms that have experience winning games and in the postseason and Robertson fits that mold. This is a very solid move for the Mets, adding a good bullpen arm is always a great idea


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