TWSN 2023 NBA Mock Draft 2.0

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TWSN 2023 NBA Mock Draft 2.0


TWSN 2023 NBA Mock Draft 2.0

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1. Houston Rockets – Victor Wembanyama

Victor Wembanyama has been the clear frontrunner for the #1 overall pick for almost a few years now. Wembanyama’s combination of shot-making, rim protection, and scoring upside makes him a generational prospect at 7’4 with wing-like movement tools. 

2. Detroit Pistons – Scoot Henderson

Does Detroit seemingly have a set backcourt in Cade Cunningham and Jaden Ivey? Yes, but that shouldn’t matter if Scoot Henderson is on the board. Henderson is a better prospect than both and the kind of talent that you draft regardless of team fit. Detroit gladly takes Henderson second overall and will figure the details out later. 

3. Charlotte Hornets – Brandon Miller

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Brandon Miller has perhaps been the biggest riser in the 2023 NBA draft. The 6’9 freshman for Alabama has impressed with his incredible shooting and shot-making along with some added handling and passing ability. He’s continuously improved his rim scoring throughout the season and with the tools he has on the defensive end of the floor, Miller looks like a surefire top five pick in this year’s draft.

4. San Antonio Spurs – Amen Thompson

San Antonio needs some spice in their rebuild and Amen Thompson will bring just that. In a historical class for pure athleticism, Thompson stands out as perhaps the best of the bunch. His herky jerky downhill and side to side movement combined with apex predator leaping talent and real proficiency as a passer will make Amen a top-five lock. 

5. Orlando Magic – Ausar Thompson 

The Magic have hit out of the park in the past few drafts, landing two future stars in Franz Wagner and Paolo Banchero. However, they could really use an extra ball-handler on the wing and someone to cover ground defensively. Ausar Thompson is one of the best defenders in this year’s draft with passing vision and slashing tools that would complement Wagner and Banchero really well. He’s the clear-cut best player on the board and could form a frightening wing trio in Orlando.

6. Washington Wizards – Cam Whitmore 

Washington already possesses a litany of combo wings and forwards but Whitmore gives them an archetype they desperately need. Whitmore is a talented shot maker with a big frame that helps him score at every level. His athletic and physical profile will shine at the NBA level as will his complementary skills with other high volume offensive stars. Whitmore can work well as the main guy and as someone who plays well off other creators which escalates his value into the top half of the lottery. 

7. Toronto Raptors – Jarace Walker

The Toronto Raptors and Jarace Walker are a match made in heaven. Walker is a strong, physical forward with incredible grace and fluidity for someone of his size and build. He dominates on the defensive end of the floor because of his tools and versatility and could be a havoc-wrecking defender at the next level. His offensive identity is currently centered around his ability to hit floaters in the lane and attack closeouts but if he becomes a legit volume shooter, he has a really high ceiling.

8. Portland Trail Blazers – Jett Howard

Portland remains content to build around superstar Damian Lillard and as long as that’s the case, drafting a player like Jett Howard will always be beneficial toward that cause. Howard will come in as a great shooter off the catch and off movement. Additionally, Howard’s upside as a self creator and playmaker offer intriguing perks to selecting him inside the top 10.  

9. Orlando Magic (via Chicago Bulls) – Keyonte George 

The Magic have a lot of solid but unspectacular young guards who haven’t consistently shown the ability to both shoot and defend. Enter Keyonte George, an electric shot-creator on offense with a fiery passion on the defensive end. George is an elite shooter with terrific quickness and passing vision off the bounce who rarely takes possessions off on defense. George is the perfect lead guard for an Orlando team that desperately needs one.

10. New Orleans Pelicans (via Los Angeles Lakers) – Nick Smith

The Pelicans could go in any which way with yet another top 10 selection courtesy of the Lakers. Nick Smith is a ultra-talented shot creator prospect with legit upside that can be tapped into early in his NBA career. Smith won’t have unlimited opportunities to showcase his offensive skill on an already structured New Orleans roster. However, the Pelicans development history and Smith’s versatile game suggest this fit will still be a good one. 

11. Indiana Pacers – Maxwell Lewis

Maxwell Lewis has been a huge riser as a sophomore for Pepperdine this season. Lewis dazzles with special shot-making from the perimeter at 6’8, scoring with a bevy of stepback jumpers and smooth fadeaways from mid-range. He’s also a talented ball-handler and passer who can run second-side offense at the NBA level. Lewis is one of the most offensively gifted players in the class, and is an excellent fit on the wing next to Tyrese Haliburton.

12. Oklahoma City Thunder – Taylor Hendricks 

As one of the fastest rising prospects in the class, Taylor Hendricks will capture the eyes of many teams picking in this late lottery range. Hendrick is a lengthy athlete with a great outside shot and high level defensive instincts. OKC could use the jack of all trades kind of player Hendricks can develop into for their future success.  

13. Golden State Warriors – Anthony Black

Anthony Black is a terrific fit in Golden State. Much like Shaun Livingston many years ago, Black is a big guard with excellent on and off ball defense and great playmaking feel. He’s a quick decision-maker who can fit into their motion offense and this is the perfect spot for him to develop as a shooter off the catch. 

14. Utah Jazz – GG Jackson

Despite some early regular season success for the new-look Jazz, they should still be looking into drafting young prospects with high upside. GG Jackson is 18 years old and flashes true versatility and polish. Jackson can act as a big in an offensive system or he can be a self creator, generating his own shot with ease at any level of the court. These flashes are enough to warrant a late lottery pick for Jakckson’s services.  

15. Utah Jazz (via Minnesota Timberwolves) – Dariq Whitehead 

16. Phoenix Suns – Gradey Dick 

17. Los Angeles Clippers – Cason Wallace 

18. Atlanta Hawks – Brice Sensabaugh 

19. New York Knicks – Marcus Sasser 

20. New York Knicks (via Dallas Mavericks) – Kyle Filipowski 

21. Miami Heat – Leonard Miller 

22. Los Angeles Lakers (via New Orleans Pelicans) – Kris Murray 

23. Sacramento Kings – Ryan Rupert 

24. Indiana Pacers (via Cleveland Cavaliers) –  Noah Clowney 

25. Brooklyn Nets – Terquavion Smith 

26. Houston Rockets (via Milwaukee Bucks) – Mark Mitchell 

27. Utah Jazz (via Philadelphia 76ers) – Julian Phillips 

28. Memphis Grizzlies – Terrence Shannon Jr. 

29. Charlotte Hornets (via Denver Nuggets) – Kel’el Ware 

30. Indiana Pacers (via Boston Celtics) – Colby Jones


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