The Golden State Warriors Need to Make a Trade

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The Golden State Warriors Need to Make a Trade


The Golden State Warriors Need to Make a Trade


The defending champion, Golden State Warriors find themselves in some unfamiliar territory currently. They sit with a record of 23-24 and are only in the play-in of the Western Conference playoff standings at the moment. It has been a struggle of a season for the Dubs and one that they know they can easily slip away from them if something doesn’t change.

This is a team that just needs to get into the postseason and they can do damage. But something feels different about this roster. It feels a bit stale and like they need a breath of fresh air. The core players of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green aren’t going anywhere at least for the rest of this season but they can upgrade around them. One name comes to mind that could really help this roster out and that is Washington Wizards forward Kyle Kuzma.

Kuzma is averaging 21.8 points per game this season for the Wizards and has established himself as a strong scorer and rebounder in this league. Kumza already has experience in finding his role on a team and bring championship experience with him as well. He could be the missing piece for this roster and would easily add to their championship quest.

The Warriors likely wouldn’t want to trade one of their core young pieces for Kuzma, especially since he is scheduled to be a free agent this offseason. But someone like a James Wiseman could be intriguing for the Wizards. Wiseman hasn’t lived up to his potential since joining the NBA but is still only 21 years old. Golden State would also need to throw in probably a first-round pick and maybe a second rounder as well to fill out the deal.

If Washington didn’t have interest in Wiseman, then the Dubs could send over a guy like Jonathan Kuminga or Moses Moody. It may be tough for Golden State to part with either of those players but another championship run could be worth it. Additionally, the team could always sign Kuzma to a new contract as well to keep him around if it’s a good fit.

There are many rumors that Green isn’t long to stay in Golden State so Kuzma could take over in his spot going forward. While not on the level of Green, Kuzma is still a decent defender and a much better scorer than Green. His arsenal offensively could allow the Warriors championship window to remain open for a few more years.

Golden State has a ton of questions to answer as the trade deadline comes up but one thing remains clear, this is a dangerous team. It doesn’t matter what their record is or how they get into the postseason. If they do get in, there is not one team in the entire league that would be happy about having to face them in a playoff series. They know they need to improve and they likely will so they can make a run for it all.


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