The Five Most Overrated Quarterbacks in the NFL

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The Five Most Overrated Quarterbacks in the NFL


The Five Most Overrated Quarterbacks in the NFL


Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Like any sport, the NFL is filled with headlines and stories that persuade the hearts and minds of its viewers. Some stories or statistics convince us to believe that some quarterbacks are untouchable, holy figures that should be worshiped by their fan base. Let’s get the facts straight and end these narratives. Some quarterbacks have more name value than actual value on a football field. Here are the facts on the NFL’s most overrated quarterbacks in the league. 


5.) Justin Fields

A fantasy superstar, Justin Fields exploded this year with 1,143 rushing yards as a quarterback, the second most ever only behind Lamar Jackson’s MVP season. The world marveled at his running ability, Fields stole our hearts every time he slipped a tackle and charged down the field for 50-plus yards. Despite his masterful running, the Chicago Bears have the worst record in the NFL and are openly considering drafting Fields’ replacement with the first overall pick. It’s almost as if people forget the goal of playing football is to win the game. They value Fields as a highlight reel and not as a winner. This is not the NBA, teams don’t need a box office player to draw in crowds. NFL stadiums sell out nearly every game, every week, for every team. 

The value in the NFL is based on wins, something that Fields simply doesn’t know how to do. Yes, the Bears defense was horrendous. Yes, the receiving core is weak despite a mid-season trade for Chase Claypool. Even so, multiple times this season Fields was given the ball at the end of games with a chance to win, and every time Fields ended the game on a disastrous interception. Justin Fields is openly discussed as a potential star in this league and may still be replaced in a few months. Maybe let’s see him win more than six games in a year before we crown Fields as a franchise quarterback.  

4.) Aaron Rodgers

As the famous Stephen A. Smith once said, he’s “Aaron freaking Rodgers.”  Rodgers was Patrick Mahomes before Patrick Mahomes. His arm angles and cross body throws are truly out of this world. A transcendent talent, Rodgers is currently the reigning back-to-back MVP and has stated he believes he can win the MVP again in 2023 if he is in the right situation. Rob Gronkowski called out Rodgers, stating the star quarterback should be focused on winning a Super Bowl, not an MVP trophy.  Rodgers has been placed in this upper echelon of NFL royalty, despite only winning one Super Bowl, back in the 2010 NFL season. Rodgers has gone 12 consecutive years without sniffing a Super Bowl. Rodgers has had the benefit of always having a superstar wide receiver, namely Jordy Nelson and Davante Adams. He has also had the benefit of playing in a terrible NFC North division with the Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears, and Detroit Lions. Despite a few years of a dominant Bears defense, the NFC North has in large part been absolutely horrific at playing defense during Rodgers’ career.  

Rodgers has inflated his stats by playing the porous Lions, Vikings, and Bears defenses six times a year since being drafted in 2005, nearly 20 years ago. Aaron Rodgers has come across as a self-centered diva as of late, and his lack of playoff success seems to have helped grow this narrative. No one cares as long as you win, right. Many say Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Tom Brady may not have been the best teammates to play with, but their methods brought success, so it is looked over.  Rodgers has failed for over a decade, and his lack of success is finally catching up with him. Rodgers can fight for MVP’s as much as he’d like, but winners are what are valued in football, and Rodgers is the farthest thing from that. 


3.) Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott is America’s prince on America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys. After being drafted in the fourth round and overcoming all odds, Prescott has taken over the NFL as the leader for one of the most explosive offenses in the league. Prescott has been blossoming over recent years, consistently throwing 30-plus yard touchdown passes over recent years when healthy. After throwing no more than 23 touchdowns between 2016 and 2018, Prescott threw for 30 touchdowns in 2019, was injured in 2020, threw for 37 touchdowns in 2021, and was on pace for 33 this season had he not missed five games. The gun slinging is there, but so is the recklessness. Prescott somehow managed to lead the league in interceptions thrown despite missing five games.  During the entire 2022 season, including the playoffs, Prescott never went two games in a row without throwing an interception. In 14 total games played in 2022, Prescott threw a pick in 78.5% of his games. If consistently turning the ball over wasn’t enough, Prescott put the cherry on top by costing his team the game versus the San Francisco 49ers in the Divisional Round of the playoffs. Dak Prescott is undoubtedly more talented than Brock Purdy, but while Purdy didn’t “win” his game against the Cowboys, Prescott certainly did lose his game.  

The 49ers beat the Cowboys by a total of seven points. Looking back at that game, Prescott threw an interception which led to a three point field goal by the 49ers. Later in the game, Prescott threw another pick while he was in field goal range. The 49ers capped off the following drive with another three point field goal. The 49ers scored six points off turnovers, but the Cowboys also missed out on three points of their own, therefore Prescott’s turnovers created a nine point swing in favor of the 49ers who won the game by only seven points. It’s time we stop glorifying Prescott’s impressive yard and touchdown numbers. He is nothing more than a glorified Tony Romo. Both Romo and Prescott are currently 2-4 in the playoffs and have never made it past the Divisional Round. 


2.) Justin Herbert

It’s unquestionable that Justin Herbert has incredible arm talent. He is phenomenal and has more ability in his pinky than most quarterbacks have in their body. The knock on Herbert is that he simply is not a winner, although the public crowns him as if he’s accomplished. As of December 2022, Herbert had a career record of 6-9 against teams that finished the season with a winning record. The comparison is always between Herbert and Patrick Mahomes because of their insane arm talent. Mahomes has a career record of 13-9 when trailing by double digits in a game. They are simply incomparable. Herbert experienced his first playoff stake game in 2021 during the regular season, when a win versus the Las Vegas Raiders would have brought the Chargers to the playoffs. Herbert lost that game.

In 2022 Herbert played against the Jacksonville Jaguars who narrowly snuck into the playoffs with a record of 9-8. Herbert had a 27-0 lead at halftime, seemingly locking in his win early on. Herbert and the Chargers proceeded to lose this game 31-30 after scoring only three points in the entire second half. The Chargers defense was not to blame, they accumulated five turnovers during this game, a feat only accomplished one other time during the entire 2022 season. Additionally, the average score for the Wild Card Round was 28 points per game. Meaning the Chargers defense only allowed three points above the average. Herbert and the Chargers’ offense completely folded. Again, Herbert is incredibly talented, but let’s not give the guy his flowers before he’s even planted them yet.   


1.) Josh Allen

Over the past three seasons, Josh Allen has averaged 43 total touchdowns per season. That is astronomical. It’s genuinely hard to wrap your head around how ridiculous those numbers are. After last year’s divisional shootout between Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes, the world declared Allen as the second-best quarterback in the NFL, only behind Mahomes himself. They said if it weren’t for the coin toss, the Buffalo Bills would have beat Mahomes. The next week, Joe Burrow beat Patrick Mahomes after losing the coin toss in overtime. Allen’s career highlight is LOSING to Patrick Mahomes. Allen is currently 4-4 in the playoffs. His first win came against an old and crusty Philip Rivers led Indianapolis Colts team, Rivers has never been a successful playoff quarterback. His second win came against the Baltimore Ravens, who only scored three total points. This win was completely reliant on the Bills defense, Allen did not have to do much. His third playoff win came against a rookie quarterback, Mac Jones, who threw two interceptions that game. Again, the defense carried Allen to the finish line. His final playoff win came against Skylar Thompson, the backup quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, after Tua Tagovailoa was ruled out prior to the game. 

Allen nearly escaped with a three point win after having three turnovers of his own. He is a monster during the regular season, but hasn’t proven himself to be a winner in any capacity. Allen is turning into the new Rivers of the NFL. An impressive talent who can’t seem to win when it counts. With Burrow and Mahomes in the same conference, it’s possible we never see Allen make it to the Super Bowl.  


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