Pre-Super Bowl QB Predictions for 2023


Pre-Super Bowl QB Predictions for 2023


Pre-Super Bowl QB Predictions for 2023


It’s almost the NFL offseason and that means the summer of the quarterback will commence. There are some legends that could be looking for a new place to place, as well as some solid options at the position. Here is my way too-early guesses on what will happen this offseason.

Tom Brady: Las Vegas Raiders

Let’s get this one out of the way. Tom Brady will likely return for another season in the NFL but it doesn’t seem like it will be with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. His last press conference with Tampa sounded like a goodbye but I have a hard time actually believing it. I think Brady heads out west to join the Raiders. He would re-unite with his former offensive coordinator in Josh McDaniels and would have plenty of weapons to work with. It honestly makes too much sense for him not to head to Sin City.

Aaron Rodgers: Green Bay Packers

Now I know a lot of people are looking at Rodgers going somewhere other than Green Bay but I think the Packers will find a way to keep him. He’s still under contract and if the team just finds him some receiving help, Green Bay could be onto something. He isn’t the same quarterback as he once was but is still more than capable of leading the charge and possibly winning another title if things go right. I see him staying in Green Bay next season.

Lamar Jackson: New York Jets

Now this one is the wild card. Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens have clearly not been happy with one another recently. I know that many think the Ravens will franchise tag their quarterback but trading him may be the smarter play. Enter in the New York Jets. Jackson heads to the Jets and the Ravens get some draft capital and a quarterback. More on that later in the article.

Jimmy Garoppolo: Carolina Panthers

It has been rumored for awhile now that Garoppolo would leave the 49ers. Now this is the offseason for it to really happen. Brock Purdy has solidified himself as the starter for San Francisco so Garoppolo needs out. I think the 49ers send him to Carolina where he can really thrive. They have weapons to work with on offense and a pretty good defense. The NFC South is weak so if the Panthers got Garoppolo, they could make a run towards a division crown.

Derek Carr: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Another name that is very intriguing. Derek Carr was benched by the Raiders to try and preserve his trade value. Many believe that he will be traded so why not to Tampa Bay. The Buccaneers are going to still want to compete, even if Brady decides to leave the team. Carr can do that for them and more. They have a lot of offensive tools for him to work with and as mentioned before, the NFC South is very weak. Replacing Brady for Carr is an obvious downgrade but not the worst option for Tampa.


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