Pre-Free Agency Minnesota Vikings Seven-Round 2023 Mock Draft


Pre-Free Agency Minnesota Vikings Seven-Round 2023 Mock Draft

2023 NFL Draft

Pre-Free Agency Minnesota Vikings Seven-Round 2023 Mock Draft



The Minnesota Vikings had an extremely promising season under first year head coach Kevin O’Connell, winning the NFC North and making it to the playoffs. While it wasn’t the end they hoped for, they are in a great spot to run it back next year. To do so, the draft will go a long way. Before free agency takes place, here is what the 2023 NFL Draft could look like for the Vikings.

*Draft simulated using PFF Mock Draft Simulator, no trades.

Round One- Devon Witherspoon, Cornerback, Illinois 

The Vikings need to continue to add talent to their cornerback room. Patrick Peterson and Chandon Sullivan are both expected to hit free agency, and if they return is up in the air currently. Even if they do, this secondary still allowed 4,515 passing yards, 23 touchdowns, and a 66.1% completion percentage in the regular season. Witherspoon at this spot still on the board was a player to not pass up. He does an excellent job of anticipating and reacting to plays, and with his speed, he is always in the area to create a pass deflection. On 63 targets in 2022, he only allowed 22 receptions for 206 yards, and zero touchdowns, while having three interceptions and 14 pass breakups. Witherspoon would be a game changer for this Vikings secondary. 


Round Three- Noah Sewell, Linebacker, Oregon

With the aging linebacker core, the Vikings go with a young star in Noah Sewell to add to the group. As a three-year starter at Oregon, Sewell put together a great career, showcasing that he can be a chess piece in the middle of the field. Sewell plays with aggression when defending against the run, filling gaps or even using his strength to get off blocks and get into the backfield. His closing speed has also allowed him to excel in coverage. Over his time at Oregon he had 146 tackles, 86 run stops, and only allowed 510 yards on 58 receptions while creating six pass deflections. He can get over aggressive at times, causing him to miss tackles, but overall Sewell is a great pick at this spot. 


Round Four- Jonathan Mingo, Wide Receiver, Ole Miss

Adam Thielen has been great, but it is time to start to bring youth into the receiver room as well. Mingo is a prospect with an extremely high ceiling if he can be developed correctly. At 6’2, 225 pounds, Mingo runs extremely smooth and can change speeds fluidly in the middle of routes. His size also allows him to shield defenders away and break off tackles easily. Coming off his best season yet with 861 yards, 348 yards coming after the catch, five touchdowns, seven contested catches, and 33 first downs created, the promise is there with Mingo. 


Round Five- Jaxson Kirkland, Washington, Offensive Line 

Offensive line depth is a constant need in the NFL, and after allowing 47 sacks and 171 pressures, offensive line competition may not be a bad thing. Jaxson Kirkland has shown he can get out of his stance quickly and anchor himself in pass protection, or fluidly get to the second level to run block. His strength is also a major plus as he moves defenders with ease, and rarely lets defenders break off his block. In 2022, he allowed zero sacks, and only seven pressures over 658 snaps. Kirkland also provides versatility as over his five years at Washington he played 970 snaps at left tackle, 606 at left guard, and 1,472 at right guard. He has had injury concerns, but taking the chance on Kirkland to provide competition here isn’t a bad idea. 


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