10 Senior Bowl Players to Watch: American Team

10 Senior Bowl Players to Watch: American Team

2023 NFL Draft

10 Senior Bowl Players to Watch: American Team


Via The Daily Princetonian

The Senior Bowl, one of the NFL Draft’s key events, kicks off Tuesday January 31st at 12:30pm. The game will feature coaching staffs composed of some of the league’s best coordinators and position coaches attempting to earn a spot on NFL team radars. The American Team will be coached by Bears OC Luke Getsy with Falcons QB coach Charles London serving as the OC and Patriots DL coach DeMarcus Covington as their DC. 

WR Andrei Iosivas, Princeton

The Princeton product is one of the most athletic players in the 2023 draft class. The Hawaii native is 6-4, 200 and just recently started playing football. Iosivas holds the Ivy League record for the Heptathlon and has been clocked at a 4.26 40 yard dash on hand time last year. He’s a two time Ivy League 1st team and made the second team once in 2021. In addition, he’s a two time first team FCS All-American. He’s posted a career 125 receptions for 1909 yards, 16 touchdowns in just 29 games. Iosivas is going to have a prime opportunity to match up with top corner prospects in the 2023 draft after not doing so with the Tigers. If Iosivas can prove himself vs the likes of Stanford’s Kyu Blu Kelly, USC’s Mekhi Becton and Iowa’s Riley Moss just to name a few he could see his stock rise into the second round. 

WR Xavier Hutchinson, Iowa State

Hutchinson was a Biletnikoff finalist last season but with the lack of pre-draft talk you wouldn’t think he was. The 22 year old is 6-4, 210 pounds and posted a career 254 receptions for 2929 yards and 15 touchdowns. 1171 yards and six touchdowns came off 107 receptions in 2022 alone. The B12 is pretty well known for having poor defenses and Hutchinson is going to have the ability to quiet the notion that he can’t compete against good defensive backs this week. Hutchinson already is slated to be a top 100 selection but a good showing at the Senior Bowl paired with the Combine could put him around the first round. 

OT Nick Saldiveri, Old Dominion

Saldiveri had been an average tackle for the Monarchs since 2018 allowing eight sacks and 46 pressures in 886 snaps, a move to the SunBelt in 2022 put him against some of the best pass rushers he’s faced and Saldiveri broke out allowing zero sacks and only 16 pressures in 455 pass blocking attempts. At 6-6, 320 pounds he’s one of the bigger tackles in the class and is a career right tackle as well. Saldiveri is going to get plenty of opportunities vs talented pass rushers this week and the potential to showcase his skill even more. There’s reports Saldiveri will also work in at guard which helps his case even more. He has the size and strength, refining technique will be huge. 

OT Darnell Wright, Tennessee

Wright is another fascinating right tackle to watch especially given his 6-7, 335 frame. Wright had his best year yet in 2022 allowing zero sacks and only seven pressures in 471 attempts after allowing 10 sacks and 44 pressures in 789 snaps between 2019, 2020 and 2021. Wright is a dominant run blocker on the right side and while the SEC features plenty of talented pass rushers he’s going to get work in vs high end athletes this week who will challenge him heavily. Wright could move up the board into potential first round talks with a strong showing. 

LB Dorian Williams, Tulane

Williams has been one of the quickest risers in this year’s class so far. The former high school safety plays linebacker like none other. He’s quick, instinctive and just has a knack for the ball carrier. He posted 316 tackles, 27 TFL, 9.5 sacks, two interceptions, 13 breakups, and two forced fumbles in three seasons while allowing a sub 80.0 QBR in coverage. There’s a lot to like with Williams and he’ll get an opportunity to cover all types of players this week from athletic tight ends and running backs to pure power guys. Williams might even line up at corner for some reps. 

DT Jalen Redmond, Oklahoma

The American team features some of the best IOL prospects not only in Mobile but the entire draft with O’Cyrus Torrence, Steve Avila and John Michael Schmitz suiting up for them. Redmond dominated his time with the Sooner posting 31.5 tackles for loss, 15 sacks, 73 pressures, and 41 stops in just 39 games. Redmond is a quality late draft prospect who could rise up with good showings vs top talents

EDGE Isaiah Land, Florida AM

Land led both FBS and FCS in sacks and tackles for loss in 2021 with 25.5 and 19 respectfully. Over his career he posted 89 tackles, 42.5 for loss, 29 sacks, an interception, seven breakups, and four forced fumbles in only 29 games. He also added 95 pressures, 22 quarterback hits, and 58 stops. Land is an elite prospect and at 6-5, 240 he has the athletic makeup as one too. The biggest problem comes with his talent question. Land will face off against some of the top tackles in the class with Darnell Wright, Wanya Morris, Matthew Bergeron and others slated to face him in 1-on-1s during practice. It’s hard to tell where Land is projected right now but he could rise up into the day two range. 

EDGE Isaiah McGuire, Missouri

McGuire is a fascinating prospect, talent and production wise he’s a round one guy but isn’t receiving the talk of one. He has history rushing as a 34 OLB and 43 DE giving elite versatility teams like in the modern NFL. With a career 117 tackles, 32 for loss, 17.5 sacks, four forced fumbles, 86 pressures, and 72 stops he’s one of the most consistent rushers in the class. Similar to Land he’ll match up vs another level of top tackle prospects and get to showcase his ability to win with power and speed this coming week. 

S/NCB Marte Mapu, Sacramento State

Mapu was a standout at Sacramento State and looks to be impressive at the Senior Bowl as well. At 6-4, 220 he’s a massive slot corner for the NFL level. He’s a three time FCS All-American and with career stats of 165 tackles, 13 for loss, seven interceptions, 22 breakups and a three forced fumbles you can see why. Mapu is a versatile defender with 484 snaps coming at dime linebacker and 1110 in the slot with only 152 at safety. Mapu allowed a career 83 receptions for 824 yards and 64.1 QBR in 132 targets. The most impressive feat is the fact that Mapu allowed only one touchdown in his entire college career. He’s going to match up against a large amount of top slot receiver talent this week and he could find himself in the 4th round range with more good showings. 

S Jammie Robinson, Florida State

Robinson is another versatile defender in the class and likely projects best as a slot corner in the NFL. He’s played over 603 snaps at dime linebacker, 727 at true safety, and 1325 in the nickel. In that he’s allowed only a career 1233 yards, seven touchdowns and an 85.3 QBR with 116 receptions coming off 184 targets. Robinson also added seven interceptions and 16 breakups. He’s quick, athletic, and truly possesses elite awareness in coverage. Robinson is already slated to be a top 100 draft pick but a strong showing will raise him.


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