Why Louisville Needs Jeff Brohm

Why Louisville Needs Jeff Brohm


Why Louisville Needs Jeff Brohm


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The Louisville Cardinals need Jeff Brohm more than they need to breathe. Monday morning, news broke of head coach Scott Satterfield’s decision to leave Louisville for the University of Cincinnati. Immediately, rumors rolled in connecting Brohm to his alma mater. 

While the rumors are fun, the move needs to happen. The University of Louisville is in dire straits. Since Lamar Jackson’s final game for the Cardinals, Louisville has been average at best. In a Power Five conference with a history like Louisville’s, that’s certainly unacceptable. Purdue’s Jeff Brohm could be the guy to turn the program around. 

Brohm’s Resume 

A two-year starter at UL with seven years on an NFL roster, Brohm began his coaching career as quarterbacks coach for Louisville in 2002. With short stints at Florida Atlantic, Illinois, and UAB, Brohm eventually earned a head coach position at Western Kentucky University in 2014. 

In three seasons as WKU’s head coach, Brohm’s Hilltoppers earned three bowl game invites and wins, two Conference USA titles, and their first Top-25 ranking. 

While at WKU, Brohm’s offense was consistently ranked as a top unit in all of college football. In 2014, the Tops ranked 30th in total offense. During his second season as head coach, the Hilltoppers ranked fourth in total offense, including the second ranked passing attack. 

While his Purdue offenses haven’t been quite as proficient (80th, 61st, 29th, 70th, 34th, 50th), they still produce on the field. Brohm’s Boilermakers have made four bowls, earning two wins and one loss, with the Citrus bowl against LSU set to be played on January 2nd.

As a head coach, Brohm is 66-43, but he was wildly successful at Western Kentucky University and has been above average at Purdue. Purdue is certainly a difficult program to succeed at and even then, he’s been to four bowl games in six years. 

Why Brohm is the Answer

UL fans called for Brohm before Satterfield’s hiring in 2019, but now most fans have cooled on the idea. Sure, Brohm’s overall coaching record is what it is, but his offense is fun. 

Many are wondering what Louisville’s star studded, 19th ranked, recruiting class will look like after Satterfield’s departure. But with Brohm, not much should change. 

Pierce Clarkson, a four-star quarterback, and DeAndre Moore, a four-star receiver, should want to play in Brohm’s high-powered air attack offense. The Cardinals may lose out on the top running back recruit, Rueben Owens, but there’s a chance that even Brohm could convince him to stay in the red and black with promises of high touches on the ground and in the passing game. 

For far too long, Cardinal Stadium has sat half-empty as the team failed to live up to their standards. Louisville football has not been fun since Lamar Jackson was hurdling Syracuse defenders and making Florida State Seminoles wish they never showed up to the game. It’s time to put some energy and excitement  back into a program desperate for it. And Brohm certainly brings all of the energy. 

Jeff Brohm, a ring of honor member at Louisville, is the key. He’s the answer to turning this program around. While pulling him away from a Big10 job may be difficult, you have to Make him an offer he can’t refuse. 

It’s time to right the ship, bring the Cardinal legend back home and watch as Louisville Cardinal football becomes fun again.


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