What Liam Coen brings back to Kentucky Football

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What Liam Coen brings back to Kentucky Football


What Liam Coen brings back to Kentucky Football


After only one season in Lexington, Rich Scangarello was let go as offensive coordinator for the Kentucky Wildcats. With that, after only one season in a return back to the Los Angeles Rams, could Liam Coen be returning back to the bluegrass state to replace him and call plays on offense, once again? According to NFL insider Chris Mortensen, It looks like a very real possibility.

If the reports are true, this is a game-changer for Kentucky. Of course, before returning to the Rams, Coen made a huge impression in his single year running the offense for the Wildcats. So this brings the question, what does Coen bring back to Kentucky football?

Over the last week or so since the coordinator search began, Stoops has been on the search for two things, adaptability, and tempo. Liam Coen can bring these two things in spades. He showed that at what time he called Kroger Field his office. Coming from the Sean McVey coaching tree, Coen was expected to bring in this infamous outside zone running scheme with him.

Unfortunately, the personnel in Lexington didn’t quite fit the scheme. The offensive line was built for power gap blocking and running back Chris Rodriguez was a brutish inside runner. So what did Coen do? He adjusted, and by doing so found tremendous success.

At the same time, he developed an explosive passing attack with only one legitimate threat at wide receiver. So how did he do that? He schemed up ways to get him the ball. This in turn turned Wan’Dale Robinson into a second-round NFL draft pick. At the end of the day, Coen is a mastermind at evaluating his talent and adjusting his scheme around that.

Expect no different this upcoming season. Right now, there is no legitimate quarterback or bell-cow running back on the roster. However, that is sure to change through the transfer portal and recruiting. However, what the Wildcats do have right now are explosive wide receivers. True freshmen Dane Key, and Barion Brown made huge impressions in their debut seasons. Expect them to be heavily involved next season. 

You can also expect creativity on offense at a faster pace. In 2022, Kentucky ran one of the slowest offenses in college football. That will change next season. With that, you will see a more explosive offense. 

One of the biggest factors to a Coen return for the Wildcats is trust. Mark Stoops trusts Liam Coen. One thing the Kentucky head coach has struggled to find throughout his tenure it has been finding a play-caller he trusts and can just give him the keys to the offense. There has been one exception, however, and that is Coen. With this hire, Stoops can go into each game with full confidence that the offense is in good hands. That will make a massive difference for the program moving forward. 

Once again, the Wildcats are going to need new talent at key positions going into next season. However, Coen brings serious mojo back to the offense and playmakers are going to want to be a part of it. He is a tenacious recruiter that will draw talent to Kentucky with not only his schematics but his personality as well.

With all this being said, this is very exciting news for the big blue nation. After a few weeks of the program feeling a little ho-hum, there is electricity injected back in. Time will tell what the results actually turn out to be, however, Coen has proven in the past what he can do for Kentucky football. It will be quite interesting to see what he brings back in his return.


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