TWSN 2023 NBA Mock Draft 1.0


TWSN 2023 NBA Mock Draft 1.0


TWSN 2023 NBA Mock Draft 1.0



The college basketball season is nearing the midway point of its regular season and with the NBA season about thirty games in, it’s time for the first NBA mock draft of the cycle. So far, we’ve seen multiple potential lottery picks in the NCAA in Nick Smith Jr., Cam Whitmore, Keyonte George, Anthony Black, and many others. We’ve also seen guys outside the college game such as Victor Wembanyama, Scoot Henderson, and Amen and Ausar Thompson seemingly cement themselves as top 10 picks. This is one of the deepest classes in terms of the first round talent in many years, and there are still a lot of games left to be played. The order of the draft is randomly simulated (akin to the real NBA lottery) with an order similar to the current standings. Here is the first TWSN NBA mock draft.

1. Washington Wizards – Victor Wembanyama

Despite it being so early in the draft cycle, there seems to be no dispute about who the first overall pick is. At 7’4 with an 8’0 wingspan, Victor Wembanyama has dominated his French league by putting up monstrous numbers on both ends of the floor and showcasing incredible skill on both ends of the floor.

Wembanyama’s scoring upside at his size is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. He’s drilling three-pointers and off-the-dribble jumpers at an extremely high-level all while being a dominant rim scorer and play finisher. Wembanyama’s two-way potential is incredible, and Washington should be thrilled to jump up this high and land a generational talent.

2. Toronto Raptors – Scoot Henderson

Scoot Henderson is the perfect primary initiator for the Toronto Raptors. Toronto has a lot of quality complimentary players offensively and a few star level creators, but they have no one who generates paint touches and scores at will the way that Henderson can. I think his offensive talent could completely transform this roster.

Henderson’s combination of burst, pace, and touch makes him a ridiculously good driver who knows how to change speeds and directions out of the PNR to attack the rim. He’s also been an efficient mid-range shooter and great passer to compliment his rim pressure. If he can prove his three-point shot is consistent, he’ll be a perennial All-Star.

3. Oklahoma City Thunder – Amen Thompson

The Thunder should be looking to strictly take the best player available at third overall, which appears to be Amen Thompson at this point in the cycle. Thompson is a primary initiator bet, but could play off of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander as a closeout-attacking connector thanks to his athleticism and burst to get into the lane.

Amen is a special offensive talent due to his absurd athleticism and ridiculous passing ability. At 6’7, he’s a terrific PNR operator with special downhill burst and incredible vertical athleticism. He’s a steady three-point shot away from being an NBA superstar, and that type of high-end upside makes him the perfect gamble at the top of this draft.


4. Detroit Pistons – Cam Whitmore

Detroit’s recent infusion of athleticism and rim pressure in their offensive attack only continues here with Cam Whitmore. The Villanova Wildcat has looked awesome early on in his college season and looks every bit the part of a top five selection.

Whitmore uses his impressive athleticism and improved handle to attack the paint and create space for jumpers on the perimeter. He’s been consistently taking shots from the perimeter and although the results haven’t been great, the confidence, and audacity of some of the shots he’s taken make him look the part of a potentially solid shooter. His shooting will be so valuable, especially if he’s able to attack the basket and really use his frame as a driver.

5. Charlotte Hornets – Nick Smith Jr.

Nick Smith Jr. has impressed early on with the Arkansas Razorbacks as a shotmaker and scorer off the dribble. He’s showcased his excellent touch attacking open lanes and uses his open court burst to generate easy buckets at the rim. His shooting from distance hasn’t lived up to expectations so far, but his track record suggests he’ll be an efficient long-range shooter.

With Charlotte, he can be the perfect score-first complimentary guard next to LaMelo Ball. Ball and Smith would form one of the NBA’s most lethal shooting backcourts, and Smith’s halfcourt creation would fit well next to Ball, who prefers to facilitate. 

6. San Antonio Spurs – Anthony Black

For a Spurs team desperately lacking a lead playmaker and rim pressure, Anthony Black may be the perfect fit for this roster. His ability to score at the rim and create advantages on offense while being an elite point of attack defender makes him a great fit next to guys like Devin Vassell and Keldon Johnson. Black is also a coveted archetype, as the “jumbo playmaker” has seen a large rise over the past few years with players like Scottie Barnes, Franz Wagner, Josh Giddey, and Dyson Daniels all being selected top 10 in their draft. 

7. Houston Rockets – Ausar Thompson

Although Ausar Thompson isn’t as valued as his brother Amen, Ausar is a terrific wing prospect in his own right. He, too, is an absurd athlete with a more NBA-ready scoring package and stronger, more fundamental defense at this stage. He projects as an elite wing defender who will be able to provide a scoring and secondary playmaking punch on offense; the perfect fit for Houston’s offense.

8. Orlando Magic – Cason Wallace

Cason Wallace feels like a lottery lock this early in the cycle thanks to his defense, shooting, and complimentary creation at a school with a history of producing terrific offensive guards. The Kentucky Wildcat has been a menace at the point of attack despite his lack of traditional athleticism and explosiveness, and his shooting/passing combo on the other end makes him an appealing offensive prospect.

9. Orlando Magic – Brandon Miller

Brandon Miller has been one of the biggest draft risers during the start of the season. At 6’9, Miller is a tremendous shooter with pull-up upside and has proven capable as a ball-handler and decision-maker. With his pull-up scoring and passing upside at his size, Miller may continue to rise in popularity and could find himself as a top five pick by the end of the season.

10. New Orleans Pelicans – Keyonte George

The Pelicans are in a perfect position to go best player available at 10, and Keyonte George looks like one of the top collegiate prospects at this stage. George is a special shooter with shotmaking range and creation upside, while also displaying passing chops and defensive energy. With his physical tools and shooting, the defense and playmaking are really just added bonuses to an already terrific offensive profile.

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