The MVP for each NBA team so far

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The MVP for each NBA team so far


The MVP for each NBA team so far

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Eastern Conference 

Atlanta Hawks

Trae Young – PG

Season Stats: 27.5 PTS, 2.8 REB, 9.6 AST

Shooting Splits: .408/.296/.900

Trae Young has enjoyed yet another excellent statistical season for the Atlanta Hawks, leading them to a modest 13-13 start to the 2022-23 NBA season. Young is currently eleventh in the NBA in points per game, and second in assists per game. He is also attempting 8.6 free throws per game, sixth-most in the league. The Hawks are currently fourth in the East, but they do have some serious question marks. The team is shooting 32.7% from three-point range thus far, and could benefit from adding some efficient shooters before the playoffs. Look for Trae Young to improve his three-point percentage, as he is currently shooting an ugly 29.6% on 7.4 3PA on the year.

Season Grade: B+


Boston Celtics

Jayson Tatum – SF

Season Stats: 30.5 PTS, 8.2 REB, 4.1 AST

Shooting Splits: .480/.364/.869

It is hard to find anything negative to say about Jayson Tatum and the Boston Celtics this year. Following an electric finals run, the Celtics have opened the season looking every bit as good this year as they were in the second half of the 2021-22 season. Tatum has been efficient and dominant, averaging career-highs in scoring and rebounding. He has led the Celtics to a league-best 21-5 record, and is looking like an early favorite to win his first MVP award.

Season Grade: A+


Brooklyn Nets

Kevin Durant – SF

Season Stats: 30 PTS, 6.6 REB, 5.4 AST, 1.7 BLK

Shooting Splits: .553/.339/.918

At 34 years old, Kevin Durant is as dominant as he has ever been. Quietly having one of the best years of his career, Durant has kept the Nets afloat in a season that has been clouded by off-court drama. Averaging close to 30 points per game, on 55% shooting, Durant has slaughtered opposing teams with his unreal efficiency and unguardable jumper. The Nets are currently 15-12, but with Kyrie Irving back they could slowly make their way up the standings in the tight Eastern Conference.

Season Grade: A+


Charlotte Hornets

Terry Rozier – SG

Season Stats: 21.8 PTS, 4.7 REB, 5.7 APG

Shooting Splits: .389/.301/.840

Terry Rozier has been underrated for awhile now, and this year he has played admirably as franchise player Lamelo Ball has been limited to only three games. Although his efficiency is lacking, Rozier deserves credit for keeping the Hornets semi-competitive in an otherwise disappointing year for the franchise.

Season Grade: C+


Chicago Bulls

DeMar DeRozan – SF

Season Stats: 25.5 PPG, 4.45 REB, 4.6 AST

The Bulls have looked like an absolute mess this year, with DeRozan being the lone bright spot on the team. At 10-14, the Bulls need to figure things out quickly or their season is going to go down as a colossal step back for the franchise. With the Magic owning the Bulls top-five protected first round pick this year, they can only hope to right the ship as the season progresses. DeRozan has been stellar this year, despite the Bulls struggles. The rest of the team will have to step up fast, lest they want his elite play to be wasted.

Season Grade: B+


Cleveland Cavaliers

Donovan Mitchell – SG

Season Stats: 29.0 PTS, 4.0 REB, 4.9 AST

Shooting Splits: .488/.421/.885

Donavan Mitchell has been stellar to begin his career with the Cavaliers, leading them to a 16-10 record, and a 11-2 home record. He is also shooting the ball at an excellent rate, and has been invaluable to the Cavs when Garland has missed time. With the Cavs nipping at the heels of the Bucks and Celtics, Mitchell has undoubtedly given the Cavs the push they needed to contend in the East.

Season Grade: A


Detroit Pistons

Bojan Bogdanovic – SF

Season Stats: 20.3 PTS, 3.6 REB, 2.4 APG

Shooting Splits: .508/.419/.877

Bogdanovic has stepped up as a huge offseason addition for the Pistons. Flirting with a 50/40/90 season, Bogy has been the Pistons best and most consistent player this year. With Cade Cunningham missing a lot of time due to a shin injury, Bogdanovic has been a bright spot for the rebuilding Pistons, along with rookie Jaden Ivey.  

Season Grade: B+


Indiana Pacers

Tyrese Haliburton – PG

Season Stats: 19.5 PTS, 4.5 REB, 11 AST

Shooting Splits: .461/.369/.839

Less than a year later, and the Pacers’ swindling of the Sacramento Kings is still just as confusing as ever. Haliburton was shockingly traded to Indiana last year in his 2nd season in the league, and has taken a big third year leap for the Pacers this season. Leading the league in assists, Haliburton even had a stretch with 40 consecutive assists without a single turnover. His 4.1 AST/TO ratio is very impressive, and it is a huge reason why the Pacers are currently 13-11.

Season Grade: A


Miami Heat

Bam Adebayo – C

Season Stats: 21.2 PTS, 9.2 REB, 3.3 AST

Shooting Splits: .525/.111/.873

The Heat have looked a bit sluggish to start this season, following a year in which they finished with the best record in the NBA, and were one game away from the NBA Finals. Jimmy Butler has missed some time, and Bam Adebayo has been the most consistent player on the team in his absences. The Heat are only 12-14, and they did not do much to improve in the offseason. That being said, Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo are two of the most reliable two-way players in the league. If the Heat can stay in the thick of things, they have a chance to make some noise in April.

Season Grade: C+


Milwaukee Bucks

Giannis Antetokounmpo – PF

Season Stats: 31.9 PTS, 11 REB, 5.4 AST

Shooting Splits: .544/.238/.620

The Bucks have looked like one of the elite teams in the East, yet again. They have built a fantastic supporting cast around Giannis Antetokounmpo, and they simply operate like a well-oiled machine. A lethal combination of stifling defense and solid perimeter shooting around Giannis has positioned the Bucks in Finals contention yet again. Antetokounmpo’s case as the best player in the world is stronger than ever.

Season Grade: A+


New York Knicks

Julius Randle

Season Stats: 22.1 PTS, 8.7 REB, 3.5 AST

Shooting Splits: .483/.340/.872

While Julius Randle has enjoyed a solid year in his own right, Brunson has surprised a lot of people following the huge contract he got from the Knicks in the offseason. Tom Thibodeau has always excelled at increasing the defensive grit and intensity of his teams. However, what he really needed was a pure point and shot creator like Jalen Brunson, who has taken this Knicks team to another level. The Knicks are currently at 13-13, but they can surely work their way into the play-in tournament with Brunson and Randle leading the way.

Season Grade: B+


Orlando Magic

Franz Wagner – SF

Season Stats: 19.7 PTS, 4.2 REB, 3.6 AST

Shooting Splits: .496/.327/.867

The Orlando Magic have been awful this year, but injuries and narrow losses have prevented them from taking a step forward this year. Rookie sensation Paolo Banchero has been as good as advertised, but he has struggled to shoot efficiently at times. Franz Wagner has been the most consistent player on the team, having played every single game this year and battling through injuries as his teammates have gone down like flies. Wagner has been one of the most underrated players in the league this year, playing like a 6’10 point guard, defending every position on the floor, and playing like a legit star in every facet of the game. In his last 10 games, Wagner’s shooting splits have surged to .511/.404/.877. With Wagner and Banchero leading the way, the Magic might finally have a legit path to contention in the future.

Season Grade: B+


Philadelphia 76ers

Joel Embiid – C

Season Stats: 32.2 PTS, 9.7 REB, 4.9 AST, 1.1 STL, 1.6 BLK

Shooting Splits: .514/.278/.840

Tobias Harris deserves an honorable mention for holding down the fort with the Sixers’ three best players injured, but there is no doubt that Embiid has been their most valuable player by far. Embiid has been dominant when healthy, and the Sixers will go as far as he can carry them. Despite only playing 16 games this year, Embiid has proven that he deserves to be discussed as the best player in the world.

Season Grade: A


Toronto Raptors

OG Anunoby – SF

Season Stats: 19 PTS, 5.8 REB, 2.1 AST, 2.4 STL, 0.8 BLK

Shooting Splits: .482/.342/.828

People are not talking nearly enough about the incredible strides OG Anunoby has taken throughout his career. Averaging a menacing 1.1 steals per game, the 6’7” defensive ace is becoming one of the best two-way players in the entire league. With franchise player Pascal Siakam limited to just 14 games, Anunoby has been crucial for the Raptors maintaining their competitive edge. Once known only as three-and-D role player, OG is currently outscoring the likes of Fred VanVleet and Scottie Barnes. Without OG, the Raptors record would have fallen apart when Siakam missed time.  

Season Grade: A-


Washington Wizards

Kristaps Porzingss

Season Stats: 22.4 PTS, 8.8 REB, 2.6 AST, 1.6 BLK

Shooting Splits: .468/.356/.795

While Bradley Beal and Kyle Kuzma could both throw their names into this discussion, I had to go with Kristaps Porzinigs. The Latvian sharpshooter has benefited greatly from a higher usage role with the Wizards. In fact, his stellar play is injecting some life into whispers that Luka Doncic is difficult to play with. After all, the Slovenian superstar is one of the most ball-dominant players the league has ever seen. The Wizards have been quietly intriguing this year, and with Bradley Beal getting healthy their impressive trio could make some noise in the playoffs.

Season Grade: A-


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