Ranking Every Month on the Sports Calendar

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Ranking Every Month on the Sports Calendar


Ranking Every Month on the Sports Calendar


For most human beings in the world, the best month of the year is defined by positive personal events that take place in their lives. But, for the life of a dedicated sports junkie fan such as yours truly, the best times of the year are decided by certain sporting events. That’s why it’s time to rank all the months in the sports calendar year from least best to best (because all sports are awesome right). 

Disclaimer: The list below is based on only the sports that I regularly keep up with which include: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, WNBA College Football, and College Basketball. Additionally, the list will be biased towards football and basketball at the pro and collegiate level since those are my favorite sports. It’s ok to disagree completely with my opinions! 

12. July 

The dog days of the summer are mainly carried by baseball which is the only major sport of the four big leagues that’s in season. The Home Run derby and MLB All-Star game are fun to watch within the long MLB season. There is something special about chilling on your couch on a warm summer evening and killing time by watching some MLB baseball. Additionally, WNBA basketball is fully on and their season continues towards the late playoff push. 

NFL training camp signals the fact that the top sport in America is nearly on the horizon. NBA free agency is arguably as entertaining as the regular season for some. The FA period further adds to the drama in the soap opera that is the NBA. Note: July gets a boost up in years where either the World Cup or the Olympics are on. 

11. August 

Another summer month on the sports calendar, August has a bit more going for it than July does. First, the MLB season is more action packed with playoff picture and division races coming into full view. This includes an always fun trade deadline that never disappoints. College Football is back and since it returns a week before the NFL, week one college football is the first taste of the return of America’s sport. 

NFL preseason has its appeal as fan bases wait in angst for the NFL momentary arrival. NBA summer league kicks off with a fun look at the rookies you knew from college basketball looking to make an impression at the next level. The WNBA playoffs and with improved marketing, more fans are starting to see the entertainment value and skill the WNBA possesses as a whole.  

10. February

In all honesty, February is carried by perhaps the biggest sporting event in the world, the Super Bowl. The Big Game is a fantastic experience for any viewer from the special commercials, entertaining halftime show, and the hopefully highly competitive football. In the other major sports, both the NBA and NHL host their All-Star festivities this month which signals those leagues turning a corner on the season overall. 

College basketball is starting to build towards its apex which comes in the next month. Every day fans start to get more dialed in to bracketology and the final conference matchups of the season. Finally, it’s also the season where pitchers and catchers report and MLB spring training begins which is the sign that America’s favorite pastime is right in view. 

9. June 

Sure, the month of June has the big guns in the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Finals, but it’s not as well rounded as other months. Still, what a time it is for basketball and hockey fans alike as they are treated to the highest level of competition their receptive sports can offer. Still, sometimes the NBA & NHL Finals can offer up duds which is why their series’ can be boom or bust. However, there’s always the joy of that one team winning it all that brings finality to the season.  

The NBA also has a bit more going on with the NBA draft taking place right at the tail end of the month. The two other sports that are in season at this time are the MLB and WNBA. Baseball is on everyday and we have a somewhat strong grasp of the good and bad teams in Major League Baseball by this time. The WNBA season chugs along in one of its final regular season months before the postseason. 

8. December 

The current month we’re in as this is written offers a ton of fun sports to watch on TV. The NFL playoff picture is becoming clearer with every passing week of football. The stakes are elevated and it’s truly a top two regular season month in the NFL. Additionally, on the football side of the coin, it’s conference championship and the start of bowl season in college football. Even with some awesome CFB matchups, there is a break from the action in the middle of the month which makes December college football not as special as the fall months. 

The three other main sports going on in December are the NBA, NHL, and College Basketball. While the first couple months of NBA basketball can be a bit dry, everything picks up around Christmas time where the league’s best get to shine in front of a massive TV audience. Elsewhere on the hardwood, CBB has a bunch of highly entertaining non conference tournaments that can even feature early March Madness previews. 

7. May 

May has plenty of great sports hype and hoopla to serve up to all kinds of sports fans. The NBA playoffs are in full swing and I’d argue that May, and not June or April is the best month for the NBA playoffs. Think about it, it’s during May where the bulk of the Conference semifinals and finals take place which offers more basketball and great matchups. It’s the best combination of quantity and quality. 

While a week or two behind, the NHL playoffs are on and are a ton of fun for everyone. As someone who’s not a big hockey fan, I still love to watch a good playoff brawl and heavyweight hockey matchup on my television any day of the week. Additionally, the MLB is kicking back up although with the hype from opening day and week gone, May is one of the least eventful months for baseball. 


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