How a bad season for the Rams could lead to Sean McVay retiring

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How a bad season for the Rams could lead to Sean McVay retiring


How a bad season for the Rams could lead to Sean McVay retiring


It was February 13, 2022 and the Los Angeles Rams had just beaten the Cincinnati Bengals to win their first Super Bowl in Los Angeles. The final score read 23-20 on the SoFi scoreboard after All-Everything Cooper Kupp had the game-winning score to put LA ahead with 01:29 remaining on the game clock. The win was supposed to launch a burgeoning dynasty. The kind where the Rams would be in play for a Lombardi Trophy on the regular.

Head coach Sean McVay wasn’t just the head coach. He was the toast of the town and the NFL world. He had put Los Angeles back on the NFL map. Rams owner Stan Kroenke paid a king’s-ransom to get out of St. Louis,  and built an absolute place for his team and the Los Angeles Chargers to play in. SoFi was now the crown jewel of all the league’s stadiums and was to be the anchor for all things NFL west of Manhattan. Now, under the gross-tonnage of underachievement, age, a lack of draft capital, and a team who looks more interested in the season ending, McVay is looking for a way out, and a highly lucrative TV gig appears to be an offer he can’t and won’t refuse.

Depending on your viewpoint of a year gone bad for the defending Super Bowls champions, McVay is cutting bait just as things may begin to get worse this season, or worse, doesn’t want to be part of a rebuild he co-signed when giving up the draft picks in a ‘win-now mentality. Now, a franchise built on a house of cards is about to crumble, likely putting to bed any notion McVay sticks around to help. 

In February, when McVay first hinted at retirement, along with Aaron Donald who has mentioned that in the offseason’s past, the NFL world took notice. That notice grew even more wide eyed as it was reported that Amazon had and are willing to go all in for a payday of $100 million dollars to have him in their Thursday Night booth. Earlier Thursday morning, Colin Cowherd went bold saying if the money is still there from Amazon for three to four years, he would probably take the deal.

At 3-9 overall and 1-4 in the NFC West, Matthew Stafford done in 2022 and likely to retire, and Cooper Kupp injured and out for the balance of the season, if Sean McVay decides to cut the cord on the Los Angeles Rams organization, it may be a sign we have seen the last of him on the sidelines. He was married this offseason, has a ring, and with a ton of money in the bank, what would the incentive be?

LA had the opportunity to be the strong West Coast anchor that the National Football League wanted to work in the biggest of ways. The “Land Of Milk and Honey” offered so much. An absolute bounty of promise. That may or may not still happen.

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