Did The College Football Playoff Committee Get Things Right?

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Did The College Football Playoff Committee Get Things Right?


Did The College Football Playoff Committee Get Things Right?


It’s been a little over a day since the College Football Playoffs were offically announced and within that time, it has given everyone a chance to reflect on the season. The question of whether or not the committee got everything right comes into play as well.

Now, everyone knew that both Georgia and Michigan were locks to be number one and two in the playoff. But what was open for discussion were the final two spots and how they would play out. Realistically, Ohio State and TCU were the two choices here but the matter of what order they would be ranked in was still at large.

Let’s take a look at each and see whether or not the committee got the field of four correct:

TCU: The Horned Frogs finally lost a game this season, droping the Big-12 title game to Kansas State in overtime. They were tested multiple times this season and overcame every single one of them until this past weekend. They battled back and came so close to having a perfect season. I think we can all agree that TCU was deserving of a playoff spot no matter the outcome from this past weekend. Losing by three points in overtime after having to comeback showed resiliency from this team. They displayed this all season and deserved a spot in the playoffs. Thankfully the committee agreed.

Ohio State: The Buckeyes only loss this season was at home to Michigan. But they didn’t just lose, they were embarrassed by their arch rivals. They were granted a spot in the Playoff despite not playing this past weekend. They likely got the nod over Alabama due to them only having one loss compared to the two for the Crimson Tide. Now they get a full month to rest and prepare for Georgia. They deserved a spot in the playoff once USC dropped their second game.


This was a pretty boring rankings reveal. There wasn’t as much drama or arguements for teams that just missed the cut. We will see expansion here soon but for this season, the committee got the rankings right. For once, not many people have any qualms about it. TCU and Ohio State both have one loss each, which ended up being to the two teams that won their respective conference championships. The blowout loss for Ohio State likely stayed in the minds of the committee and was considered a “worse” loss than the three point one for TCU against Kansas State.

Both teams deserve to be where they are and the best part of the college season starts soon.

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