Did Brian Cashman deserve to be extended by the Yankees?

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Did Brian Cashman deserve to be extended by the Yankees?


Did Brian Cashman deserve to be extended by the Yankees?


The New York Yankees recently re-signed general manager Brian Cashman to a new deal that will run through the 2026 season.

He has served as the longest serving general manager in Yankees history and while the team has had a winning record in every year under his leaership, they haven’t won or played in a World Series since 2009. This drought has caused anxiety from fans that have only known winning throughout the history of the franchise. New York leads the history books with 27 World Series wins.

Now with this new deal for Cashman, the question of whether or not he deserves it comes into play. Fans have been calling for his job for years now but it seems that ownership views Cashman as the man for the job.

Cashman deserves credit for keeping this Yankees franchise competitive for all these years but his inability to win titles of late shouldn’t be rewarded with a new deal. Even getting to the World Series would have been one thing but the team has failed to do so over and over again.

Since their last appearance in the fall classic, the Yankees have reached the ALCS five times but have failed to get over the hump back into the World Series. This includes this past season where New York was swept in the ALCS by the eventual champion Houston Astros. Within Yankee land, this is considered a failure at the highest possible level as a season without a championship is a lost one.

His decision to stick with manager Aaron Boone has caused much debate among fans as well. Boone may have a hotter seat than Cashman but the two men are paired at the hip. The success of one of them directly relates to the overall success of the other.

Yankee fans deserve better. The mediocrity that has overshadowed this franchise has been tough to watch. The once “evil empire” still has the capabiltiies and resources to win but haven’t used them to their fullest extent.

Currently the most important news going on with the Yankees is the contract status of Aaron Judge. The powerful right-handed batter is reportedly in negotiations with both the Yankees and his hometown San Francisco Giants. Judge has been a staple of the Yankees since coming up in the big leagues years ago.

Letting him walk out of town for nothing would further push this Yankees franchise down the drain and leave a sour note for fans. He is the most beloved Yankee since Derek Jeter captained this team. If Cashman is unable to finalize Judge re-signing with the Yankees, it could cost him the support of the fans that he has such a little grasp on to begin with.

The timing of the Cashman deal is a little strange with Judge not signed anywhere yet. For Cashman’s sake, he better close the deal. Yankee fans are built different. They are bold, brash, and loyal to a tee. They won’t settle for anything less than greatness and the product on the field the last 12 or so seasons hasn’t lived up to the standards.

Many teams would kill for the success that the Yankees have had over this timeframe but for a team that has won so much, to fall short year after year can be deflating.

This is the next chapter of Cashman’s career and while Cashman likely didn’t deserve to be re-signed for the next few seasons, this is his chance to prove he belongs. He isn’t bad at his job by any means but needs to push the right buttons to get this team back to the top.

The first step is to make sure that Judge stays put and secondly, is to get this team back to the World Series. Winning cures all so only time will tell if this decision by ownership was well worth it.


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