Week 11 Fantasy Football Takeaways

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Week 11 Fantasy Football Takeaways

Fantasy Football

Week 11 Fantasy Football Takeaways


Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Week 11 is officially in the books, and it is time to look back at the craziness of the week and analyze what it means moving forward for certain fantasy football players. 

Is Amari Cooper A Wide Receiver One Moving Forward?

Amari Cooper has been on fire with the Cleveland Browns all season and that has been with Jacoby Brissett. With Deshaun Watson returning to play in a couple of weeks, Cooper, while already a top receiver with Brissett, might have his upside reach to new and never seen before heights with Watson at the helm. As of right now Amari Cooper is the wide receiver 10 overall. His scoring has been elevated, and he is consistently knocking out target after target. 

Cooper can legitimately be a top five wide receiver with Watson and I think this duo can really make a splash next year with the Browns as well. This will be a trial period for the quarterback wide receiver duo that can do some damage with full games and practices next season.  

A New Running Back One In Detroit

Jamaal Williams is living on another planet right now, while D’Andre Swift is being left in the dust. Williams is coming off a three touchdown performance and his fifth game with multiple touchdowns. It seems like Swift’s injury wasn’t the only thing preventing from getting a decent snap count. No one expected that healthy Swift would still barely touch the ball. 

No one expected it because no one expected Jamaal Williams to have all of this success. He’s a must start each week, especially with the Lions’ upcoming schedule promoting a ground and pound scheme by Williams instead of needing check down passes to Swift. If he can increase his efficiency to match his workhorse touch count, then he can potentially be a top 12 running back the rest of the season. 


Bengals Are Bengalin’

Something is brewing in the streets of Cincinnati, and the Bengals are killing it game after game. They even look ready to make another Super Bowl run. All of this is due to the immense success of Tee Higgins, Joe Burrow, and Tyler Boyd in the absence of Ja’Marr Chase. We saw how well the Bengals would perform with Chase, and seeing them without him as well and still winning games is really interesting to see. 

Does it continue? I think their success continues for a few more games, and I do think they make the playoffs. However, they face a tough schedule later on in the season that might hurt their stock. I absolutely love what the Bengals are doing, and I am starting them all with confidence until I see it is becoming a bit of an issue.  

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